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NFL Jerseys Authentic China nothing is done the next day

Residents within proximity of the Mahdia Hospital are complaining of an unbearable stench emanating purportedly from the facility’s power-rationed mortuary that has been housing a corpse for almost seven days.This is according to Mohamed Gafoor,Cheap Jerseys Online, Region Eight Councillor,Wholesale Jerseys USA, who said that this is not the only section of the hospital that is being affected by limited power supplies. He said that patients have to wait for hours before accessing lab results.Gafoor said that the mortuary’s freezer is usually powered either by the hospital’s generator or Mahdia Power and Light Company. However, with energy supply being rationed in Mahdia and the generator not functioning at the moment,Soccer Jerseys From China, the freezer is unable to “properly freeze the dead”.The Councillor said that residents and businesses within approximately 200ft of the hospital are suffering as a result of the awful scent.Gafoor opined that the generator should not be the primary source of power to the hospital and the Mahdia Power and Light Company should be in the position to supply 24 hours of electricity daily.“The people of Mahdia need to be treated with respect. (Ronald) Harsawack (Regional Executive Officer) is responsible for health but he is only nice words and excuse. But, nothing is done the next day,” Gafoor said.However, according to Harsawack,Wholesale Jerseys China, the Regional Health Officer did not report the situation (concerning the stench) to him. In relation to power supply to the hospital, Harsawack said that the water pump that produces energy to the generator has malfunctioned. The pump has been sent to Georgetown to be fixed and he is hopeful that it is rectified soon.As did a source close to the Mahdia Power and Light Company, Harsawack said that whenever there is an emergency the power company switches on electricity.According to the source,Nike NFL Jerseys China, the energy company recently sent out notices to residents of Mahdia informing them that they will be provided with 18 hours of electricity from noon to 06:00hrs the following day.It was noted that for Mahdia to get 24 hours electricity, management would either have to expand services or acquire a smaller generator. Expanding services would require infrastructure development which may be costly or take a while.The source said that the power company has been operational for a little over a year and there have been some adjustments. It was noted that previously when the company was non-existent, electricity was provided by a resident in Mahdia and Government buildings used to pay an estimated sum.But, when the company was established,NFL Jerseys Supply, Government buildings were given meters and it was found that their electricity consumption was much less than what was estimated. Consequently, the company is faced with less revenue and not many customers to boost this.

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Shadow Finance Minister Winston Murray has been declared brain dead by Neurosurgeon Dr Ivor Crandon who arrived early this morning in Guyana from Jamaica on a specially chartered flight to treat him.The family members are currently contemplating the next step as he is still on life support machines.Leader of the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) Robert Corbin in a statement to the media said the party wishes to advise that Murray remains in a critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Hospital.“After an evaluation conducted by Neurosurgeon,Cheap NBA Store, Professor Ivor Crandon, this morning, it was determined that no surgical intervention could be done at this time because of the state of his vital signs including,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, no responses from his brain…In these circumstances Mr. Murray remains on life support at the Georgetown Hospital.”He said that Murray’s wife and family have been fully briefed by the Doctors on his present condition and future action will depend on their decisions.Murray has been unconscious and hospitalized ever since last Thursday evening.Ever since the incident Dr Crandon has been assisting the local medical team via telephone and he is expected to conduct the surgery on Murray.Murray was rushed to Balwant Singh Hospital in Georgetown after he collapsed on his way to his Continental Park,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, East Bank Demerara home following Thursday’s Parliamentary debate in which he participated.He was in an unconscious condition when he arrived at the Hospital,Cheap Jerseys From China, and a scan showed that there was blood around his brain.Murray was heading home when he stopped at Houston to buy a lotto ticket,Cheap Jerseys From China, according to his colleague and supporter, Ronald Austin.Austin said that after he collapsed he had the presence of mind to give someone phone numbers and the keys to his car.He also gave instructions that he be taken to Balwant Singh Hospital.However,China NFL Jerseys, later in the evening, he was transferred to the GPHC where he was immediately placed in the Intensive Care Unit.

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Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and Ricardo Patiño,NFL Jerseys China, Minister of Foreign Affairs,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, Trade and Integration of Ecuador yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at strengthening Political Consultation between the two countries.The signing was done at the Foreign Affairs head office, at Brickdam,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Georgetown. According to Minister Rodrigues-Birkett, the partnership between the two countries is a step to improving and strengthening our relationship with South American countries.“We have agreed that we will sign an agreement on our political consultation and this is very important for the two countries. We also discussed other areas where we can share experiences and Ecuador has tremendous experience in terms of dealing with persons with disabilities,” Rodrigues-Birkett said.She added that Guyanese can now travel to Ecuador without a visa for up to three months,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, whereas, Ecuadorians can also enjoy a 90-day stay here.The Minister said that the MOU is a means of bringing our people closer together.Minister Patiño said that his country,Jerseys NFL Cheap, within the past five years, has accomplished economic growth. He said instead of competing with each other, the two countries can now join and work together in the commercial market.Patiño pointed out that while Guyana will be benefiting from his country,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, they will also get a chance to know the experiences that would be profitable in Guyana.

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…contractor will be penalized if necessary  Dr Luncheon“The government couldn’t help but be concerned about the delays,Wholesale Jerseys,” as these relate to the construction of the Amaila Falls Road Project currently being undertaken by Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall’s Synergy Holdings Inc.This is according to Head of the Presidential Secretariat,Cheap Jerseys Store, Dr Roger Luncheon, who recently told media operatives that that the contractor should be even more worried because the design of the contract stipulates stringent penalties.“The penalties are quite significant and will be enforced for not meeting the drop dead date.”Senior Engineer at the Ministry of Public Works,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, Walter Willis, said that there were not delays as such but rather lost days which had to be given back to the contractor.Willis pointed out that the first notice to proceed was given in October 5 for some sections of the road. On January 11 the next notice to proceed was issued and this section entailed virgin forest.Willis confirmed that some 15 per cent of the road has already been completed.The breakdown of the project awarded to Synergy Holdings Inc states that the upgrade of 89km of road will cost US$3.9M; the 110km of virgin roadway, US $7M,Discount NFL Jerseys, the two pontoon crossings or a bridge will be US$1.5M and ‘T’ line clearing is said to be US$3M.Hand in Hand Group of Companies is the company that has backed Synergy Holdings Inc. with the US$3M mobilization and security bonds which was a prerequisite to securing the recently awarded Amaila Falls Road contract.The road that Synergy Holding is building is to pave the way for the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project which is described as just part of a larger effort to revolutionise Guyana’s power generation infrastructure.The storage dam site would be located near the top of Amaila Falls and would impound the waters of both the Kuribrong and Amaila Rivers.The Amaila site is located on the Kuribrong River,Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys, a tributary of the Potaro River in West Central Guyana. The nearest point of access is the airstrip at Kaieteur Falls on the Potaro River,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, approximately 15 miles to the south.An overland trail exists from Kaieteur to Amaila. Access is also provided overland by an all-weather road through Tumatumari on the Potaro River and on to Mahdia and Kangaruma.River access along the Potaro-Kuribrong Rivers to the foot of Amaila Falls involves several portages around rapids and waterfalls.The road from Tumatumari was recently extended to Mahdia/Kangaruma that brings you closer to the site but approximately 30 miles of additional roads will need to be built to the top of Amaila Falls

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Fuh de past week dem boys was trying to mek sure that dem had enough kero in dem lamp because fuh some reason de lights does go out just as something interesting got to happen.Dem boys was taking a drink and as soon as one of dem go to pour a drink delights go off. De man miss de glass and throw away good liquor. It was during a blackout that a certain big one drink kero at a state function.Now dem boys know that de government spend good money to put in new power station. Dem didn’t expect that right away one of dem same engines would break down. But that is just wha happen.But some people happy wid de blackout. Dem boys seh that Robert is one. He don’t want to talk bout Guysuco suh he hiding. He also don’t want to answer questions bout grow more food because it ain’t wukking.One time he seh that El Nino mess up de land and how he got fertilizer to deal wid de same El Nino. When people laugh he start to hide.Other people hiding too. Navin still hiding and Moses too. Dem boys also seh that dem ain’t see Winston Murray and Aubrey Norton. Dem all like de blackout,China Jerseys Wholesale, even de news blackout.Talk half. Lef half.

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Cheap NFL Jerseys China but he refused the offer.Police Corporal

A father of two was released on $20,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty to a wounding charge when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.Darrel Sinclair,Wholesale Jerseys From China, 31,NFL Jerseys From China, of 1998 Meadow Brook Squatting Area,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Georgetown, denied the allegation which stated that on May 11, at Meadow Brook, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Desmond McPherson.The defendant,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, who was unrepresented by an Attorney,cheap nfl jerseys sale, offered to compensate McPherson, but he refused the offer.Police Corporal,NFL Jerseys China, Bharat Mangru had no objections to bail. Mangru was instructed to file statements in the matter. The case will be heard again on June 3, before Magistrate Annette Singh.

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Wholesale Jerseys USA started its work since Sunday

One key elections watchdog body is operational,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) announced yesterday.The recently launched Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) started its work since Sunday,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, March 1st,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, monitoring the country’s mainstream print and broadcast media, as well as selected online media.According to GECOM, this comes after staffers of the unit completed a rigorous five-day Media Code of Conduct familiarization exercise, during which they were given expert guidance in understanding, interpreting,Wholesale Jerseys USA, and implementing the 2015 Elections Media Code of Conduct.The MMU will be producing its first report for the monitoring period March 1 – 31, 2015, and will make it available to all media houses sometime between the first and second weeks of April,China Jerseys Cheap, 2015.According to GECOM, the analyses in the reports to be produced by the MMU will primarily be aimed at providing a complete picture regarding the level of journalistic professionalism employed by all media operatives; the access granted by media owners/managers/editors to candidates and/or political parties in the mass media and whether the coverage provided by media houses is fair and balanced.The unit will also be studying the tone of media coverage towards candidates and political parties, and whether the electorate is gaining diverse, comprehensive and impartial information from all media in order to make an informed choice on Election Day.GECOM said that the findings of the MMU reports will be in line with the recently signed Elections Media Code of Conduct.Recently, the European Union said it has released $5.8M for the operations of the MMU.The MMU’s job will be much tougher now.It has to contend with the existing newspapers, three online news sites,China Jerseys Cheap, and several radio stations.

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Wholesale Jerseys China members of the Opposition blurted out

 opposition agrees on condition that discussions continue outside ParliamentAfter an intense six-hour debate on the contentious Public Procurement Bill, Government’s Chief Whip Gail Teixeira made a proposal for the adjournment of the debate for another six months.Government’s Chief Whip Gail TeixeiraThis was agreed to by the Opposition, but consent came under two conditions. Shadow Finance Minister of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Carl Greenidge,Cheap Air Max 270 Womens, said that the opposition was in favour of the adjournment provided that it does not affect the current work of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).The PAC has already started work on nominations for the Procurement Commission.The second condition was that the deferral should provide for further discussions on the amendment.Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, said that in 2003, the Bill came before the house and included in the provisions was clause 54 which had five subsections including Cabinet’s role of the review process of any contract which exceeded $15M.  It also articulated that it did not give Cabinet the role of awarding contracts.The Act contains contradictions,Cheap Throwback NBA Jerseys, said the Finance Minister. One section prescribes that the role of Cabinet be removed with the establishment of the Commission. Another section recognizes the role of Cabinet in the review process.Eventually the Minister argued for Cabinet to maintain its “no objection role”.  Dr Singh then boasted thatCarl Greenidgethe procurement process is one which can withstand any scrutiny.He challenged the members of the House to compare the newspapers of 1980 with today’s, noting that there was a vast difference in terms of the number of published bids that could be seen.He said that the media is invited to document this process and “I say this without any reservation that Guyana’s procurement system can withstand any scrutiny.”Immediately,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, members of the Opposition blurted out, “That is utter rubbish. It is rubbish with an accent. What about Fip Motilall? The system is not transparent.”The Finance Minister, who disregarded these comments, then made reference to other countries with more complex bureaucracies that have projects first approved by their governments.Minister Irfaan Ali supported the arguments.  “Blow hot or blow cold, we will not let up on our responsibility.”Greenidge then debunked the notion of a contradiction in the Act as being a “Nancy story.”“You can’t pass the Act and then deem a part of it as an oversight.”He argued that the current state of the procurement process of which Dr. Singh boasts, has been subjected to criticisms such as racial and political discrimination.The work of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board is not reviewed by anyone, becauseAshni Singhof the government’s failure to appoint an Ombudsman and a procurement commission.“They expect us to believe that a board where its members are handpicked by Dr. Singh will not act in accordance with its wishes.”The government, he said, is often known for saying one thing in public and doing another in private.  He added that in terms of legislative policies,Authentic Jerseys China, before Ministers make decisions in terms of appointments, they are supposed to be advised by a technical team.Greenidge said that when this is not done there are several abuses of the executive office.He then proposed that the role of Cabinet in the “no-objection clause be rejected.”APNU member Jaipaul Sharma contended that according to the Act, there are two review processes. The first one stipulates that Cabinet can object to the procedure of the awarding of contracts.If a company does not adhere to all the requirements of a contract it can object to them being awarded the project. The second review is for the revision of projects above a certain threshold.Sharma then contended that even if Cabinet wants its no-objection clause included, this can be phased out since the Commission, once established,NFL Jerseys China, can review and increase the threshold.Alliance For Change Leader Khemraj Ramjattan and Attorney General Anil Nandlall took opposite positions on the issue.Ramjattan reiterated the importance of the Commission to be established without the interference of the Cabinet. Nandlall focused on the fact that the Commission was a mere oversight body that can only monitor and not interfere in the procurement process.This was quickly objected to by Ramjattan who said that functions of the Commission are very clear,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, and articulated that it can make such decisions.Attorney General Anil Nandlall delivers his presentation during yesterday’s six-hour debateNandlall then referred to a recent decision by the High Court in favour of  BK International who was aggrieved over the awarding of a rehabilitation project on a road which was granted to another company.This, the AG, said is proof that other mechanisms are effective.

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Cheap Jerseys From China Georgetown

… While standing outside night spot A 17-year-old boy who is believed to have been struck by a stray bullet early yesterday while standing outside a popular night spot on Main Street,Cheap Jerseys Online, Georgetown,Jerseys From China, is now hospitalized in a critical condition at a city hospital.The injured JosephThe teenager was shot a little before 01:00hrs yesterday in the presence of a group of his friends.The injured teen has been identified as Joseph Johnson,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, son of the owner of Nigel’s Supermarket. He was shot to his face and has been admitted in the private hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.According to police sources,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the shooter is a licensed firearm holder and has surrendered himself to police. The source added that the shooter claimed that he was inside the club and noticed a man trying to break into his car.“He said that he opened fire to scare away the man but mistakenly shot Joseph,Wholesale Jerseys,” the source added.Investigations are ongoing.

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Cheap NFL Jerseys 2009 her stepfather

Charles Anthony Woolford is set to call a witness to the trial he is facing for the murder of his wife, Latoya Conway Woolford.Woolford was fatally stabbed on February 8,NFL Jerseys China, 2009 at her Lot 2041,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Hummingbird Street, Festival City,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, North Ruimveldt home, allegedly during a heated argument with her husband.The victim,Wholesale Jerseys, a hairdresser and mother of three, is said to have had her stomach sliced open during the ordeal. She succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) while receiving treatment.The husband, who was a self-employed construction worker at the time, tried to end his life by ingesting what was believed to be a poisonous liquid a few hours after learning of his wife’s demise. He was hospitalized but was later released to face the murder charge.Murder Accused: Charles Anthony WoolfordWhile leading his defence on Friday,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Woolford told a mixed panel of jurors in the court room of Justice Brassington Reynolds, that he is innocent of the murder. The accused is facing his second retrial for the murder of his beautician wife.Last week, state witnesses, Talia Rayside and Marciana Conway,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, the victim’s daughter testified. Both witnesses said that they were present when the incident occurred.Conway testified that she witnessed the stabbing.  She said that on February 8, 2009 her stepfather, Charles Anthony Woolford, plunged a knife into her mother’s stomach.The witness was just 11 when the stabbing occurred.  In her evidence, Conway  recalled that on the day of the incident, her mother was in the bedroom when her stepdad entered, turned her mother around and stabbed her with a shiny brown handled knife.Conway related that her mother began to scream and stumble across the room in the direction of a window.Meanwhile, Rayside, the victim’s cousin, who resided at the top flat of the two-storey house, which the couple and their children also occupied, recalled hearing  screams coming from downstairs.The witness said that she later learnt that her cousin Latoya had been injured during an altercation with her husband.The matter is scheduled to continue on Wednesday at the High Court in Georgetown. State Prosecutors in the case are Mercedes Thompson and Michael Shahoud.  Attorney–at–Law, Peter Hugh is representing the accused.

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China Soccer Jerseys but according to a senior official close to the matter

‘Fip’ Motilall’s Performance Bond &The Alliance for Change has weighed on the fact that Hand in Hand Mutual Fire Insurance CompanyPresident Donald RamotarLimited is yet to make payments to the government as it relates to the US$1.5M Performance Bond that had been issued to Synergy Holdings Inc. headed by Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall. Motilall was awarded a US$15.4M contract to design and construct the Amaila Falls access road.AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan blames what he calls an ‘incestuous relationship” involving the stakeholders.He was speaking specifically to Winston Brassington, Hand in Hand and the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited NICIL).“It is an extreme example of incestuousness.”Ramjattan said that his party will continue to speak out against the affair.He said, “Here it is that the enforcer of that performance bond will have to be Mr Brassington. “But he got shares in Hand in Hand…The whole thing shows what has been a propensity for Mr Brassington not to want Hand in Hand to make the payout of US$1.5M.”Turning his attention to the Head of State Donald Ramotar,Jerseys Wholesale, Ramjattan said, “Any decent President would order an immediate investigation into the entirety of this Performance Bond,Cheap Sports Jerseys, the Brassingtons, Jonathan and Winston, and would immediately also ask, Winston Brassington to resign.”Failing the President’s action on the matter the AFC Chairman said that there are no other options available to a political party “except to educate the public as to basic facts here and to let the public understand how their monies and how the Governance structure in this country have deteriorated and degenerated.”He says that it is ultimately up to an informed public to make their decisionsThis money, which on the surface appears payable to the government, is not automatic upon claim, said a source.Motilall’s performance bond expired on July 2011. That bond was negotiated and brought into force when the contract with Motilall was signed in January 2010,cheap nfl jerseys china, with a duration of eight months.This means that for the latter half of last year, Synergy Holdings Inc. was operating with an expired bond, pursuant to its stipulations.The bond did carry a stipulation that claims could be made for six months following its expiration.Government did lay claim prior to this deadline, but according to a senior official close to the matter, “This doesn’t mean that the claim is automatically valid. All aspects of compliance have to be thoroughly checked.”The source,Cheap China Jerseys, knowledgeable on the issue of insurance,China Soccer Jerseys, explained that Hand-in-Hand will have to conduct investigations on every aspect of the claim before it is accepted or rejected completely.Reports that the government and Synergy Holdings Inc. still have some balancing up to do to determine who owes whom,holesale Soccer Jerseys, could also affect the outcome of the claim made by the government on the performance bond.

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Wholesale Jerseys is the bestWe shouldn’

By Chris LallWho is great? He is the LordWith him,youll never be boredHes the one that made us allSo we could worship,cheap nfl jerseys, and have a ballBut Adam and Eve, they would sinDisobey Gods law and hurt himHe sent his son to die for usHis death was worse than hitting a busGod is life,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, God is loveGod lives up aboveGod will live foreverWhen will he leave us? NEVER!!!Our Lord,NFL Jerseys From China,God, is the bestWe shouldnt worship all the restHe gives us riches, he gives us lifeCreated man and created his wifeOur Lord God,Wholesale Jerseys Online, he loves us soHis love for us,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, he will always showWe were his greatest creationBut some people use their life only to have funGod did his shiftWe should have to carry the burden he liftsHe is the best,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, he loves EVERYONEHe will take care of your soul when your body is done

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China Jerseys Wholesale

Some former executive members of the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM), formerly the Young Socialist Movement,Cheap Jerseys, yesterday registered their profound sadness over the illness of Winston Murray and offered words of prayers.They also expressed the hope that Murray recovers and continues with his work for the Party and the nation as a whole.The group said that it finds it both timely and appropriate to quote from the second verse of the PNC Battle song: “Hold the line of battle, comrades. Link our arms in unity, Organise and charge the forces, of the haughty enemy! Truth shall be our martial weapon Brotherhood our armour plate, Guyanese the breed we’ll cherish,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Scorning paths of racial hate:”According to the group, “Murray,Cheap China Jerseys, during our tenure in the GYSM, has always been supportive of our work, and has been a very useful guide.”They said, “There is no doubt that Cde. Murray’s illness will impact negatively on the Party’s campaign activities that is geared towards winning the upcoming 2011 Regional and National elections…We, the former Executive members of the GYSM, wish to join the family, comrades, and friends in praying for his speedy recovery and hope for divine intervention.”The group includes Dennis Glasgow, Kirk Saul, Mark Allan Walkes, Melanie Cornette, Rawle Wayne Payne,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, Sherwin Benjamin, Natalie Gammell, Julianne Gaul, Chiyedza James, Adrian .S Cole and Kervin Crawford.Murray was rushed to Balwant Singh’s Hospital in Georgetown after he collapsed on his way to his Continental Park,Cheap Hockey Jerseys 2019, East Bank Demerara home following Thursday’s Parliamentary debate in which he participated.He was in an unconscious condition when he arrived at the Hospital, and a scan showed that there was blood around his brain.Murray was heading home when he stopped at Houston to buy a lotto ticket, according to his colleague and supporter, Ronald Austin.Austin said that after he collapsed he had the presence of mind to give someone phone numbers and the keys to his car.He also gave instructions that he be taken to Balwant Singh’s Hospital.However,NFL Jerseys Outlet, later in the evening, he was transferred to the GPHC where he was immediately placed in the Intensive Care Unit.Leading Neurosurgeon Dr Ivor Crandon was subsequently flown to Guyana at the expense of the Government and he declared Murray ‘brain dead’ adding that surgery was not possible at the time.Some of his grandchildren are expected to arrive in Guyana at which point in time a decision will be made as it relates to removing the life support machine that he is presently hooked up to.

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Cheap Jerseys 2018 East Coast Demerara.

Eight new short films produced by locally-based Guyanese filmmakers burst onto the scene in July this year spiking international interest and local hopes that Guyana, once a global contender in film,Cheap NFL Jerseys, will once again rise to international prominence.The first international outing of these eight films, and a documentary on the making of the films,Jerseys NFL China, will be in New York at the Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn on August 21.  The New York Premiere of the CineGuyana Set  as the eight Films are now being called  is expected to draw a record audience of local and international media and aficionados of independent films.The event is being organized by the Guyana Cultural Association based in New York in collaboration with the Centre for Communication Studies at the University of Guyana and the budding association of new Guyanese filmmakers – GIndiVi ( Guyana Independent  Visual Industry).   Several important names in the industry are expected to be present. These include Spike Lee and Third World Newsreel as well as Guyana’s Ave Brewster and Louis Kilkenny.On the red carpet … cast and crew of Bunny Alves’ “The Encounter”Several of the filmmakers, many of whom are students of the Centre for Communication Studies at the University of Guyana, have been invited to attend the premiere in New York.  They are standing by to travel pending the issuance of visas by the local United States Embassy in Georgetown.Some of the films are being considered for a Caribbean Tales Scholarship to Canada and the films will also be shown at Warwick University in the UK’s prestigious International Arts and Environmental Conference next month and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival in November.Locally, the question is probably being asked “When will Guyanese audiences be able to see the films?”  This is a question that is currently occupying the minds of the GIndiVi Group. The films cannot be shown on Television because they are going to be entered into international festivals, many of which bar films from being broadcast in this manner.This is because part of the importance of international festivals is in the distribution and broadcast interests that can be piqued from winning a prize (prizes can range from a little as US$150 to US$50,000) at a festival. At this point, distribution royalties and broadcast fees can become lucrative.There is also the educational market for films of certain cultural, scientific and academic significance, in which films from the Caribbean are at the moment most underrepresented.  However, these will all be pipe dreams if the Guyanese content produced by independent film makers is not protected by copy and intellectual rights legislation which Guyana has been reticent to embrace completely.So for the moment, Guyanese audiences at home will have to view the films in cinema-type events which are currently being organized by the group. There is expected to be a caravan which will tour Guyana’s villages and towns with the films and some of the film makers, in small settings, so that Guyanese who wish to see the films before they are released on DVD about two years from now, can do so.The first of these small viewings was held at the Theatre Guild immediately after the red carpet premiere of the films on July 7. The responses were very good prompting an extension of the screenings. Another viewing will be held at the University of Guyana next Friday (August 12), from 5 to 7pm.  The screening will be free and is targeting students and the University Community, although members of the public are welcome to attend.Another important spin-off from the CineGuyana endeavours could be the opening up of Guyana as a location for international films.  The eight films in the CineGuyana Set, showcase a range of locations available in Guyana from the urban to the natural. In fact,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Guyana has such a wide range of natural settings including rivers, mountains,China Jerseys, beaches, indigenous villages and a variety of urban settings as well as rich architectural and scenic advantages that could be a filmmakers dream.Moreover,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, the cost of doing business in Guyana, because of the current exchange rate, could be up to 75 percent less than in other similar locations.  If Guyana can attract even two major films a year to the country there could be immense benefits to local communities in services which large productions require such as food, transportation and accommodation.There could be benefits for local artistes and filmmakers also, as Guyana now has over 75 persons trained who can support any international film production touching down in Guyana. These persons skill sets range from lighting technicians, to gaffers to sound men and cinematographers.  There are also actors, actresses, set and costume designers and so on.  There also needs to be a proper regime in place which will govern permits, landing fees and location possibilities in order to realize their full potential.The films were produced under an endowment from the President of Guyana. Training was provided by Brian Zham, MFA from Ohio University under a USAID grant. The project was managed by Director of the Centre for Communication Studies at the University of Guyana, Dr. Paloma Mohamed. Dr. Mohamed and Mr. Zham served as executive producers of the project in association with several other companies and producers including Kross Kolor Records.Here are snapshots of the eight films:HOPE – Ganesh, the son of a Hindu priest falls in love with Ayanna, a destitute Afro-Guyanese dancer. Written and Directed by Shaundell Phillips. It was shot entirely on location in Berbice.THE BACK YARD – A rising pop star moves in next door to a reclusive geek who makes her fall in love with him on Facebook. When she discovers this duplicity sparks fly.  Directed by Denis Harris, from a concept by Denis Ward. Written by Tiffany Vazquez and Denise Harris.THREE CARDS – A family drama about how far a father will go to save the life of his ailing daughter and how help can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. Written and directed by Michael James. Shot entirely on location in Linden.TRADITION – A family is battling with personal loss and the anger that this brings while a young boy is trying to hold on to the traditions of his father and the yearnings of his heart. Directed by Margaret Lawrence and Russell Lancaster. Written by Richard Pitman,Wholesale Jerseys, Margaret Lawrence, Ayanna Waddell and Russell Lancaster.BEACHED  A man is grappling with the loss of his wife following a fire which claimed everything from him. This is a story of love and redemption, written and directed by Kojo McPherson and shot on location at the Kingston Seawall in Georgetown.LUCK BEAT HANDSOME  A Rastaman who is down on his luck plays the numbers of his bad events and is able to win and turn his life and that of his family around.  Written and directed by Errol Chan. Shot on Location in Rasville, Georgetown and on the East Coast of Demerara.THE ENCOUNTER – A love-starved murderess haunts a hotel room looking for redemption in requited love of a living man. This film is written and directed by veteran film maker Bunny Alves and is shot in Georgetown.THE BOTTLE – The daughter of a poor farmer finds the enchanted bottle which contains the Baccoo. The wily creature will grant any wish except he must have the young girls hand in marriage. Written and directed by Smolana Varzwyk. Shot entirely on location in Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara.

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At the stroke of midnight on May 25, the Golden Arrowhead will be hoisted to celebrate Guyana’s Golden Jubilee of Independence anniversary.All roads lead to D’Urban Park for the 50th Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremony.For Guyanese that would have seen the very first flag raising ceremony in 1966, this event will no doubt bring to remembrance the joy they felt when the Golden Arrowhead was hoisted for the very first time on May 26, 1966.Each year, on the eve of Guyana’s Independence Day, the flag raising ceremony is normally held at the National Park. This year’s ceremony will take place at the newly constructed D’Urban Park on Homestretch Avenue.There is a cultural part of the programme titled “A Patriotic Tribute”. It will be a colourful artistic mass display of dances to patriotic and national songs performed by 1000 young Guyanese. These participants represent the National School of Dance,NFL Jerseys From China, Religious Groups,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, Schools, Regional Choirs, Steel bands and Calisthenics.The joint steel band will feature 100 players from the Buxton Pride Steel band, the National Steel Orchestra, Pan Wave Steel Band, the Bishop’s High Steel Band and the North Ruimveldt Multilateral Steel Band.The joint choir will include 130 students from St. Stephen’s, St. Pius, Comenius, Sophia, East La Penitence, Winfer Gardens,NFL Jerseys China, Friendship, Strathsphey, and Paradise Primary Schools; West Demerara Secondary,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Woodside Choir, Annandale Secondary, Golden Grove Secondary,NFL Jerseys Clearance, St. Stanislaus College, St. Joseph High and Central High.Thirty drummers from the Otishka and the Dubraj Tassa Group are slated to give a memorable performance.The ceremonial component will include a joint military band display, military parade, announcement of National awards and citations, address by President of the Republic of Guyana, Brigadier David Granger,Wholesale Jerseys China, hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead and a fireworks display by the Guyana Defense Force (GDF).The Flag Raising ceremony is in keeping with the theme of the Golden Jubilee of Independence celebrations “Reflect, Celebrate, Inspire”.

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Trinidad has now imposed a licence requirement for rice imports from Guyana, causing great distress to Guyanese exporters.Trinidadian importers must apply to that country’s Ministry of Trade for a licence to buy rice from Guyana. Without this licence the rice cannot enter the country.Yesterday, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Guyana Stock Feeds Limited, Robert Badal, said that he was informed about the decision last week by distributors in Trinidad.According to Badal, this measure should not be imposed since Guyana is a part of CARICOM and as such the free movements of goods should not attract restrictions.The Guyana Rice Development Board and Ministry of Foreign Trade have since been informed of this new requirement.While I do support licensing for extra-regional goods I cannot support this. This is affecting us greatly. Trinidad is a major market for us,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Badal said.This is a step back for Trinidad as part of CARICOM, he noted, to impose on Guyana such restrictive measures.The licence that is now required will take at least three weeks to be processed.Speaking with Kaieteur News, an official close to the rice industry, said yesterday that this requirement will now make trading arrangements ‘cumbersome.’The official noted that the Ministry of Trade will seek clarification for the imposition.In the meantime, the official said,Wholesale China Jerseys, the industry will have to adjust itself to the requirement.It was, however, noted that such a requirement is strange, taking into account the food shortage around the world.This is the second time for the year that the rice industry has been rocked by setbacks.Early in September, Jamaica announced that it would not be purchasing the full quota of rice from Guyana. Jamaica had agreed to purchase 60,Jerseys NFL China,000 tonnes of rice from Guyana but that has since been reduced since that country was granted two suspension of the Common External Tariff (CET) to import rice from outside the region.Jamaica does not have any legal obligation to purchase rice from Guyana.Guyana has been operating on a good faith and verbal commitment with that country to purchase the commodity each year.During bilateral discourses with Jamaica on the rice issue earlier in the year, it was decided that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) should be signed to concrete that country’s rice purchase commitment.However,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, that agreement is yet to be concluded since Minister Karl Samuda does not have the legal jurisdiction to give such a guarantee.The Attorney General in that country has indicated that the rice importation issue is a ‘private sector business’ and that Samuda has no authority whatsoever to guarantee anything.As such, Samuda has since presented Guyana with a ‘Best Endeavour’ agreement, which states that he will do all in his power to ensure that the committed quota is imported.Guyana, however,Cheap Jerseys Store, is yet to sign on to that agreement.President Bharrat Jagdeo has since stated that he will enquire from Jamaica their definite position on the importation of rice from Guyana.Last year, Jamaica bought over 51,Discount NFL Jerseys,000 tonnes from Guyana.

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Digicel, a fast growing mobile company in the Caribbean, and a new entrant to the Central American market, has won a license in the 2.5 GHz spectrum to deliver low cost broadband Internet services using WiMAX technology in Honduras,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, it was announced yesterday.Digicel secured the only license that covers the eight most densely populated areas of Honduras, including Atlántida, Bay Islands, Choluteca, Comayagua, Cortés,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Francisco Morazán, La Paz and Valle. This represents nearly 60 per cent of the country’s population of 7.64 million.According to a press release, Digicel obtained the license for US$2M through a competitive bidding process, which saw it going head to head with America Movil/Claro, Autoconsa,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, Axioma Empresarial, Lumelsa and Millicom/Tigo.WiMAX not only delivers a wireless broadband Internet service comparable to what users are accustomed to getting in the office or at home, but also integrates high speed voice and data, serving up a fast, cost-efficient and seamless wireless mobile communications experience.With mobile WiMAX forecast to undergo a compound annual growth rate of 198 per cent between 2008 and 2012, according to the “Telecom Application Report 2008”, Digicel’s customers in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (where demand has been phenomenal), are already seeing the multiple benefits of this technology in terms of cost, coverage, bandwidth and security,Jerseys NBA China, as stated in the press release.Miguel García, CEO, Digicel Honduras, in a comment, said that this is a very important step for Digicel.He added that while they are committed to offering the best services and value for money to their customers, with WiMAX they will also be able to contribute further to the economic growth and social development of Honduras by delivering broadband mobile Internet access to customers in the most densely populated locations across Honduras.He further stated that, in other markets where they have rolled out WiMAX services, the response has been fantastic. He noted that they are looking forward to delighting customers in Honduras in a similar way.WiMAX is a standards-based wireless technology that provides high-throughput broadband connections over long distances.It can be used for a number of applications, including “last mile” broadband connections and high-speed enterprise connectivity for business.The press release dictated that, since its launch in 2001, Digicel has become the largest wireless telecommunications operator in the Caribbean, with more than six million customers.According to the release, after seven years, Digicel is renowned for competitive rates, unbeatable coverage,Nike Air Max 1 For Sale, superior customer care, a wide variety of products and services, and state-of-the-art handsets.By offering innovative wireless services and community support, Digicel has become a leading brand in the Caribbean and has placed the region at the cutting-edge of wireless communications.Digicel is incorporated in Bermuda and has operations in 23 markets, including Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, Curacao, the Cayman Islands,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Dominica, El Salvador, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, St Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and Turks & Caicos.With new launches planned for the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Honduras and Panama, Digicel expects to be in 26 markets in the next 12 months. The Caribbean company also has coverage in St. Martin and St. Barths.As stated in the release, Digicel is the lead sponsor of Caribbean sports teams, including the West Indies Cricket Team and Special Olympics teams, and is title sponsor of the Digicel Caribbean Football Union Cup and the Copa De Naciones, the Caribbean and Central American qualifiers to the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

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