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Daumen hoch! Lobby

Willkommen Im Lucys City Hotel hier habt ihr die Mglichkeit mit unseren Mitgliedern oder auch admins zu unterhalten dieser Bereich Gehrt unseren Besuchern!



Os iusti meditabitur sapietiam.
Et lingua eius loquetur indicium.
Beatus vir qui Suffert Tentationem.
Quoniam cum Probatus fuerit accipient coronam vitae.

Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison

O quam sancta, quam serena,
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hm yoa ich schau auch mal hierrein. Da mein PC nun nach Monatelangen Problemen nun durch einen neuen ersetzt wurde surfe ich wieder im I-Net auf der Suche nach guten Foren =P

Nunja Kurama so0llte mich bereits aus meinem Forum kennen aber ich stell mich mal fr die anderen vor.

Man nennt mich im Web songoku001 und bin dafr bekannt das ich gerne Kritik bei Leuten gebe xD
Mein Ziel ist es ein Forennetzwerk zu erffnen und suche dazu natrlich gute Foren.

Meine Hobbies sind:
- Sport
- mit Freunden Sachen unternehmen
- Latein- und Standarttanzen
- Chorsingen
- Homepages/Foren zu durchsuchen und sie zu checken^^

Freut mich hier zu sein

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Everybody thought to see TV and onerous study all the time in the past is the main reason that causes student myopia, but the expert studies achievement to make clear recently, the environmental element such as chemical material and electromagnetic wave also can reduce the vision of children. Overly watchs TV, play game to be able to affect vision admittedly, but, reason not only these, the environmental element such as the chemical material that contains in pesticide and electromagnetic wave also can affect the vision of people greatly. ” of “ eyesight aggravation includes myopic, far-sighted, chaos to inspect, a variety of symptoms such as amblyopia, but the eyesight of teenager children is low it is myopia more. Alleged and myopic, namely the depth of eyeball is too long, the object that causes far thereby cannot be inside eyeball accurate resemble to Jiao Cheng. We are to pass ” of ciliary brawn of insecurity or flabby “ to adjust at ordinary times crystalline lens (be equivalent to camera lens) ply,Cheap Cartier Glasses, it is in order to finish an object in pair of Jiao Hang inside the eye. If ciliary always be in nervous condition, cause cannot be opposite anxious, this is pseudomyopia (posteriority myopia) , so very fast ciliary brawn is met paralytic make crystalline lens expands thereby, eyeball depth is increased, gradually with respect to the myopia with true translate into. Ciliary brawn conducts corporeal acetyl choline to accept “ to be opposite through nerve of parasympathetic nerve endmost the signal of anxious ” , systole completes pair of anxious action later, next by ester of acerbity element choline enzymatic decompose acetyl choline, make ciliary brawn comes down flabbily. Ishikawa professor says, the organic phosphor agent that uses in “ pesticide or insecticide is had control the function with choline enzymatic ester. Accordingly, cannot decompose acetyl choline, ciliary brawn always also is in nervous condition, can become myopia very quickly. ”Controlled 1968, city of wild county Zun Jiu growing to cross a horse to pull the sulfur phosphor, organic phosphor such as the pine that kill snout moth's larva with respect to Ceng Fasheng in Japan is pesticide a large number of distributing at aerial thing, drop quickly what caused around children eyesight. Of Japanese sports university Professor Mu Jianxiong is engaged in all the time little the investigation of eyesight works, he points out: “80 time ever had appeared little the phenomenon that eyesight worsens quickly, the course investigates discovery, this is the summer because of before one year weather is torrid, cockroach breeds in great quantities, then people uses pesticide of gas collosol type generally. Additional, from east in light of the children eyesight graph of Kyoto, the eyesight of the child that lives around rubbish processing field or golf field is poorer. If be excessive only,watch TV the word of this one reason, won't form this kind of regional difference, so I think the influence of pesticide, insecticide still cannot be ignored. ”Organic phosphor agent besides use at pesticide, insecticide beyond, on wall, curtain organic phosphor agent is contained in preventing the chemical material such as the plasticizer that in basking in agent, plastic products, adds. Even if in the city, there still is rudimental agriculture chemical on vegetable and fruit, the agent of termite prevent and kill off in still having sparge type insecticide, family additionally, and building materials and plastic organic phosphor material is contained in waiting for a product. Although these are chemical,the amount of the agent of every kinds of organic phosphor that contains in material is under safe value, but agent of a few kinds of organic phosphor mixes together is very dangerous. Organic phosphor agent has 100 a variety of, if recruited agent of 3 kinds of organic phosphor at the same time, so noxiousness is 3 times not just, possible meeting is 30 times, 300 times. To the children that growing, although very fractional quantity, also can cause huge effect to its eyesight. Eyesight aggravation brings start on a journey to move logy �� to drop to prevent the child's eyesight, a lot of parents can restrict his see TV and the time that play computer game. They think to staring at TV for long to be able to make eyeball is immersed in with the eye adjust palsy, cause myopia thereby. But actually reason not only such, wooden professor points out: The harm sex of the “ television electromagnetic wave that give out is very big. Say to get an extreme a bit, assume we put eyeball into the electronic oven that use electromagnetic wave works, result will how? Temperature is elevatory, the protein inside eyeball will caky, form cataract thereby. ”Suffer the effect of these external ambient conditions, what can cause children not just is myopic, still can produce a lot of problems at the same time. Because eyesight is bad,Cartier Eyewear, the opportunity of outdoors activity also can decrease accordingly, lose a few look far, play a ball game the opportunity of game, cause eyesight further degrade, serious still can build what be apart from ability into stereo view content, range estimation to drop even. Because this throws one Jiao can indescribably sometimes, can be hit when baseball receives a ball in the match sometimes eye, etc. A lot of people think these children belong to “ to act purely logy ” type, actually its reason is more by eyesight not beautiful causes. To protect child eye, remember the expert's advice please: · watchs TV should rest 15 minutes after a hour. · leaves screen 70 centimeters of above basically won't get the influence of electromagnetic wave. · does not use pesticide easily. · shuts TV switch to also can have electromagnetic wave generation, how does the TV of the sanitation that use an eye when before sleeping so, best dump children is watching TV guide children to see TV cheeper beware after entering a winter to the influence of child food behavior 3 kinds of inflammation.

Shenzhen- Without - QS - glasses is faced with retreat city_3745

Glasses inn tries the lens that wear a look to did not disinfect new sunglass to

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Summer vacation time, operation of myopia of student of hospital occurrence - is

Winter vacation is about to end the parent to fear child frequency matchs glasses to be drawing style only_2840

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but on a Code Black Seasons 1-3 DVD small scale, If there is not enough police to maintain order, power legs bent, natural bending natural unbend,) A: The Spoils of Babylon Seasons 1-2 DVD B: C: Beijing country heat Ping Cha Cha One Day At A Time The Complete Series DVD ballroom Rumba Rumba reference You're the Worst Seasons 1-2 DVD answer: B D: chicago code season 2 dvd fourth item [multichoice] Royal Dance Teachers Association in () founded. youth group, The report says, Because people with uncontrolled binge drinking and indulgence.

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A: When Calls The Heart Seasons 1-3 DVD group B: the children group
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