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Wholesale Stitched Jerseys News Update court reporter

News Update court reporter,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Lisa Lowe, yesterday received word from the investigating ranks at Brickdam Police Station that the charges against her were not recommended by the Director of Public Prosecutions.The reporter was charged last Wednesday when a group of unruly persons attacked media operatives at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. One of the assailants, June-Ann St Jules had alleged that the reporter used abusive language at her,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, prompting the charge.The assault stemmed from the media operatives trying to acquire a photograph of the accused as she was leaving the court room. The woman’s relative had being charged with carnal knowledge along with a man. They were both remanded to prison.As the reporters were standing on the platform waiting for the defendants to come out of the courtroom, her relatives started verbally abusing the journalists.It was at this point the accused, June-Ann St. Jules, began swearing at the reporters. The woman said,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, “Y’all like take out people f***ing picture,China Jerseys Wholesale, they gon find y’all body behind the market”. The woman continued to hit the cameras as the reporters were coming down the court steps. The woman and a male relative, who was later identified as Percival Prince,Wholesale NHL Jerseys 2020, began threatening the reporters. At this point one of the reporters went to the police lockups and lodged a complaint.After much confusion at the court the two were later taken to the Brickdam Police Station where they were placed on $3,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic,000 station bail along with News Update reporter Lisa Lowe.

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Cheap Jerseys China Suzette English

Yet another fire has struck on the East Coast Demerara, this time at Nabaclis, resulting in four persons being homeless.Reports are that some time around 08:45 hours yesterday fire of unknown origin broke out at the house located at 39 Nabaclis. One of the occupants of the house,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Suzette English,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, who is a police Special Constable, said that she shared the home with her husband and two children.The woman said that moments before the fire she left the home to run an errand on the Public Road and on her way back she received a  telephone call informing her that her house was on fire.The remains of the house at Golden Grove.The woman said that by the time she made it back home all of her earthly possessions were going up in flames. The woman said,jerseys nfl wholesale, too,Cheap Jerseys Supply, that by that time people in the area formed a bucket brigade as they awaited the arrival of the Guyana Fire Service.According to English,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, nothing was saved. The woman lamented that all of her years of hard work went up in flames before her eyes, and there was nothing that she could have done but watch on.English said that the two bedroom structure was her home and that of her children and husband for the past ten years. The woman said that thanks to swift efforts from the neighbours saved another property in the same compound. English said that her loss runs into millions of dollars. She said that she had every possibly piece of household furnishing.By the time the fire service arrived residents had the blaze under control using a bucket brigade. English said that she is at a loss as to what may have started the fire. The woman said the only piece of electrical equipment in the house was her refrigerator and that was connected to a stabilizer.This has been the third reported fire on East Coast Demerara this past week.On Tuesday, three-year-old Tony Ramlogan perished in a fire at his parents home which is located at Lot 7 Blossom Scheme,Cheap Jerseys, Enmore.And on Thursday last another mysterious fire broke out at the same building.Investigations are ongoing into the fires.

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Wholesale Soccer Jerseys shields

Attorneys representing the victims of the Linden unrest are seeking to grill Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, during the Commission of Inquiry.Attorney-at-Law Basil Williams described Rohee as “the main pivot” in assisting the Commission in its investigation into the circumstances behind the July 18 tragedy.Clement Rohee“We expect in accordance with the Terms of Reference issued by the President that the Minister will be here to testify,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” Williams told the Commission yesterday.“The Minister is the subject of the Terms of Reference before you. The Ministry is responsible for the policy direction of the Force. So he (Rohee) is instrumental in assisting you in making a determination and recommendations for a more effective functioning police force.“The Minister is the only person who could tell you how he executes his policy functions of the Guyana Police Force. He has to tell you about calls to police officers (on the day of the shooting). He has to tell you about the policy direction for the Force, In terms of how that particular exercise was executed in Linden, about weaponry and ammunition and shields for policemen&“The Minister cannot escape coming here on the basis that other people didn’t give evidence against him; there is evidence against him anyway,China Jerseys Wholesale, that he called Mr. Hicken (former E&F Division Commander) immediately after the shooting on the bridge.“You have seen three senior policemen come to you and each of them gave a contradictory account about how the force is supposed to function. People have been killed. We are trying to avoid our people being killed. So the Minister is a main pivot in assisting you, Sir. I won’t like to know the Minister doesn’t really intend to come to assist this Commission of Inquiry,” Williams asserted.According to the attorney and APNU parliamentarian, he and others had made recommendations to Minister Rohee “about why you have to come with lethal weapons whenever the Guyanese people go on the road to protest…we suggested pepper spray,China Adidas Hockey Jerseys, shields,Cheap NFL Jerseys, rubber bullets and the like; and the Minister himself told me that he is taking these things on board, like the water cannon&”According to the Terms of Reference, the Commission should inquire if Minister Rohee gave any general or specific instructions to police to maintain law and order in Linden before,Wholesale Football Jerseys, during and after the events of July 18.The Commission is also tasked with identifying what unit was employed at the scene of the protests and its composition; what training was given to the unit in preparation for crowd control; a determination whether the shooting was done by police on the ground, and if so,Discount NFL Jerseys, to determine who gave the order and whether the police had justification for the use of lethal force and inquiry into instructions for the operation.

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Wholesale NFL Jerseys owners have been coming forward to reclaim them –

Animals on our roadways have been a major problem over the years and recently the Ministry of Home Affairs began a massive ‘stray catching’ exercise. Stray catchers are currently being paid $5,000 per animal. Once an animal is caught it is supposed to be kept at the nearest pound, most of which are housed at police stations for a specific period.During that period, the owner can come forward, claim the animal and pay a cost of $5,000 in order to get it back.However if that period expires the animal becomes the property of the state and can be disposed of through public auction.But given the high value for cows,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, owners have been coming forward to reclaim them  not so for the unbranded horses and jackasses, which are being kept as guests of the state for an indefinite period.This newspaper was reliably informed that as a result, these animals have been locked up in police pounds for more than two weeks, in most cases, without water and proper food.So far at least two animals have died at one of the pounds on the East Coast of Demerara, apparently as a result of dehydration and starvation. There are also reports, too,China Jerseys Cheap, that the remaining animals there are in really bad condition.“A police can’t go and cut grass for these animals. Police are not being paid to cut grass to feed animals,” the source said.A visit by this newspaper to several pounds along the East Coast of Demerara revealed that several jackasses appear to be gravely ill.Kaieteur News understands that as recent as Monday, the carcasses of three animals had to be disposed of by burning.Persons who were made aware of the situation are suggesting to the relevant authorities to find a proper holding place for the animals after the stipulated period of impoundment, before quickly auctioning them off, which would somewhat ensure their survival while in the state’s care.“Even if they put these animals in a pasture, at least they get grass and they can survive a little longer,” a concerned animal lover told this newspaper.Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, told this newspaper yesterday that his Ministry has not been in receipt of any reports about dying animals in the police pounds.“Once we have that information we will certainly take steps to deal with it,NFL Jerseys Outlet,” Rohee told Kaieteur News.He explained that if such occurrences are taking place at the police pounds, there is a procedure that should be followed.According to the Minister, if an animal in pound appears ill, the ranks at the station should inform their superior,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, who in turn should inform the coordinator of the stray catching programme.This newspaper was told that only up to yesterday, Programme Coordinator Ovid Glasgow visited pounds along the East Coast of Demerara to ascertain the condition of animals there.“Before jumping to conclusions,nhl jerseys outlet, one has to ascertain what condition the animal was brought,” Minister Rohee said.Although there have been some criticisms of the stray catching programme,Wholesale Jerseys China, the Home Affairs minister defended it as being very successful.“People want to see this programme fail and they are making all kinds of allegations. But the programme is highly successful,” Rohee stated.Meanwhile, when contacted, Head of the Guyana Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals, (GSPCA), Oliver Insanally, said that the matter will be investigated now that it has been brought to their attention.Mr. Insanally said that he will now have to inform the other board members and a thorough investigation will be launched since animals too have rights.

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Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018 Natural Sciences

“Today is our day to bask in the glory of our success!” said University of Guyana (UG) 2015 Valedictorian, Sachin Ramsuran. “Today is indeed our day!”At the time, Ramsuran was addressing the hundreds still gathered towards the end of UG’s 49th Convocation, which was held on Saturday at the Turkeyen Campus.Ramsuran was adjudged the Best Graduating Student after attaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) for his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering,Cheap Jerseys From China, under the Faculty of Technology. He was conferred with The President’s Medal by President David Granger during the Convocation.Ramsuran’s journey to becoming UG’s Best Graduating Student was not an easy one; hailing from Patentia, West Bank Demerara, Ramsuran is the only child of a cane-cutter father and a seamstress mother. Throughout his educational life,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, he worked towards being the best he could be. He is a former Queen’s College student.Tasked with delivering the Valedictory Address, Ramsuran did so briefly yet easily, and had the audience laughing and cheering along with him throughout.Best graduating student, Sachin Ramsuran, as he receives The President’s Medal from President David GrangerBest graduating student, Sachin Ramsuran, during his valedictory addressAccording to Ramsuran, UG had not been an easy ride, regardless of which faculty a student would have graduated from. He said each student had very different experiences. However, he said, “Regardless of the differences in the social aspects of our student lives, the fact that we are all graduating today implies that we share several common qualities such as self-discipline, dedication and unwavering adherence to a philosophy of life which guided us through our most difficult times at UG.”He further joked that,cheap jerseys, besides the aforementioned qualities, the students had to possess the wile and charm needed to negotiate with university lecturers for leniency.He further reminded his colleagues that the future cannot be predicted but advised them to make decisions which could improve the probability of their success and in turn create the future they want. He added that one of these decisions had been enrolling in the University of Guyana.“Continue making such decisions, continue working hard, and continue to make sacrifices and once you trust in God your success will be guaranteed,” he stressed. “Even if you don’t believe in God, you should start believing!” he urged to the sound of laughter.Additionally, Ramsuran noted that Guyana will celebrate its 50th year of independence next year and he advised the graduates to re-evaluate their goals, make personal sacrifices and think more of Guyana and the less fortunate in the nation.“They deserve to be happy and we who have been blessed with the knowledge to make that happen should not fail to do so,” he stressed.A group of graduates during UG’s convocation on SaturdayStepping back from the collective, Ramsuran, a Hindu,China Jerseys Cheap, took some time to personally thank Lord Krishna as well as his parents, relatives and friends. He also thanked his former classmates and pointed out that over their four years, they would have completed 57 courses.“In my opinion, we are all Valedictorians! You have worked very hard and have made tremendous sacrifices and you have earned the right to say, ‘I am a graduate of the University of Guyana!’” he said.Ramsuran was one of about 1,500 who graduated from UG during the 49th Convocation exercise.Graduates came from the Faculties of Agriculture and Forestry, Education and Humanities,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences,Wholesale China Jerseys, Social Sciences and Technology and the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. The ceremony also marked the graduation of the first batch of students with the Post-Graduate Diploma in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and the Certificate in Industrial Engineering.The Social Sciences Faculty produced the largest number of graduates.

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Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Mohamed Khan

..then crashes into truck about 30 miles awayA 60-year-old drunken hire car driver who on Tuesday morning stuck down and injured a cattle farmer on the No.19 Public Road,Swingman Nike NBA Jerseys, then failed to stop, is now in hot water.  During his getaway bid he reportedly crashed into a truck at Bath, West Coast Berbice, before being nabbed by police.The man, Mohamed Khan, a hire car driver of 110 Mon Repos North Squatting area,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, was driving his motor car HC1209 at a fast rate in the vicinity of the Borlam Turn entering the No.19 straight road.He lost control and crashed into Dwayne North of Gibraltar Village, Corentyne,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Berbice who was cycling on the road. North reportedly saw the car coming and headed for the corner, but was followed and struck down by the errant driver.The man instead of stopping continued to drive in his escape bid. The entire incident was witnesed by a minibus full of passengers. The driver gave chase, but Mohamed was able to escape as he entered the Berbice Bridge access road on his way back to his destination.A report of the accident was made and the police responded immediately.  Collecting vital information including the vehicle number,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the cops sprang into action. An all station alert was sounded while road blocks were set up at the Fort Wellington Police station.The police after patrolling and waiting for some time at the road block did not see the car coming. They subsequently heard of an accident involving a car and a truck at Bath on the West Coast Berbice and decided to investigate. Upon arriving at the scene they realized that it was the same vehicle they were looking for. The drunken driver reportedly lost control and crashed into the truck.The driver was taken into custody and tested for alcohol. He was found to be way above the limit.In the meanwhile North,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, 39, was picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where he was admitted for emergency treatment.  He was diagnosed with a broken left arm and several fractures on his right foot. He was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further treatment.Khan who had a passenger in the vehicle reportedly told persons around that he was not drunk,China NFL Jerseys, that it was overnight drinks.He is in custody and charges are likely shortly.

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Cheap Jerseys Online 24

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) says it has intensified a public education campaign with respect to the Linden Water Supply Rehabilitation Programme (LWSRP) to adequately prepare Lindeners for the water conservation drive which will be required when the LWSRP is completed.The water company also noted that the Government of Guyana and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)-funded LWSRP is progressing as planned and has resulted in the employment of over 30 Guyanese; a portion of the skilled workers has been sourced directly from Linden.S. Jagmohan Hardware and Construction Supplies, one of the contractors executing pipe -laying exercises for the LWSRP, has employed twenty-four (24) Lindeners in various capacities, including technicians and labourers.The consultant, EGIS EAU,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, has employed seven (7) technicians/engineers, three (3) of whom are Lindeners.According to Chief Executive, GWI,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Shaik Baksh, “GWI is pleased that beyond the massive water service enhancements that the programme will provide,Cheap NFL Jerseys, it is also providing employment for a significant amount of Lindeners; GWI is proud to execute a programme which is enhancing the lives of a large portion of our customers in Linden in both service delivery and employment.”The Chief Executive further stated that more Lindeners will be employed as the third contractor,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, (UEM Inc.), commences construction of two (2) treatment facilities at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc.“We anticipate the involvement of more Lindeners as the LWSRP progresses; our aim is to further enhance our partnership with our customers in Linden by involving them in key aspects of the programme.”S. Jagmohan Hardware and Construction Supplies is currently executing pipeline installation in Amelia’s Ward, Wisroc and other key project areas.GWI also noted that Lindeners will notice road excavation, the use of large equipment and tools as well as minor traffic diversion.  UEM Inc. has commenced initial preparatory work for the construction of new treatment facilities at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc.“Without the full cooperation of all our Linden customers, these new water service enhancements will not produce the results which are anticipated,” stated the Chief Executive,Cheap Jerseys From China, “we need every Linden customer to adopt an attitude of conservation regarding their water use.  Customers will not enjoy the significant benefits of the new system if there is wastage of the resource.”GWI’s Public Relations Department recently conducted a workshop with students of Amelia’s Ward Primary, Christianburg Primary and Regma Primary.  A 60-Minute Television Documentary,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, which will provide all details of the LWSRP for Linden customers is expected in mid-May via all stations available in Linden as well as the company’s official You Tube Channel and Facebook fan-page.The LWSRP is funded by the Government of Guyana and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) at a cost of US$12.3 Million.

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Wholesale China Jerseys 743.59 was frozen in accounts at Wells Fargo bank

 immigration status will be affectedBy Leonard GildarieA Guyanese-born pilot nabbed by Puerto Rican authorities in a high profile arrest back in November while transporting more than US$600,000 in cash aboard his jet, is facing up to two years in jail.Jail time: Captain Khamraj LallIn a plea deal submitted and being reviewed by the United States District Court of Puerto Rico, Captain Khamraj Lall agreed for US$620,588 along with the 1988 Israel fixed wing multi-engine aircraft bearing Registration N822Ql and used in the crime, to be forfeited.Under the deal with the US Government, Lall pleaded guilty to one count of concealing more than US$10,000 in his plane and attempting to transfer it outside of the US to Guyana.He would have been facing up to five years on a number of charges if he had opted for a trial and found guilty, according to court documents seen by Kaieteur News.Lall, who operates a hangar at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and controlled KayLees Gas Station at Coverden, East Bank Demerara, has also agreed that other assets may be subject to forfeiture as there is still a pending civil matter for assets seizure in New Jersey, another US territory, where he has homes, vehicles,Wholesale Jerseys From China, cash and other properties.He will remain on restricted freedom until a sentencing hearing on October 27 before Judge Jay Garcia-Gregory.Through his attorney Rafael Castro-Lang, Lall’s plea deal was yesterday filed and accepted in open court. The defendant was found competent to plea. The court yesterday ordered a pre-sentence report.As part of his filings, Lall, who had his licences revoked, submitted a waiver of right to trial by jury.In addition to imprisonment, the court will impose a term of supervised release of not more than five years with no possibilities of parole or that the sentence be suspended for any reasons.The pilot agreed for this jet to be seized as part of his plea deal with the US Government.The court may order a fine to reimburse the US Government for costs of imprisonment, probation and even supervised release.The court may even go higher on the minimum 18 months sentence being offered by prosecutors but Lall cannot withdraw his plea if this happens.The Puerto Rican court made it clear in the deal that it does not have to follow the recommended sentencing of between 18 and 24 months.Lall agreed that he will take steps to transfer the plane and cash to the US Government.More importantly and to the detriment of the Guyanese-born businessman is the fact that the US Government agreed that the plea deal will not affect a civil case filed against him, stemming for the cash smuggling charge, in the district of New Jersey.In the civil matter, the prosecutors of that state are going after luxury vehicles, another plane, more than US$400,000 cash lying in several frozen bank accounts as well as at least three properties.Lall will not be able to appeal the final judgment of the court come October when he is sentence and his immigration status in the US could also be affected.Lall’s arrest in November in Puerto Rico had sparked swift investigations by the US Government in New Jersey where some US$442,743.59 was frozen in accounts at Wells Fargo bank, Citibank and Morgan Chase Bank.They zeroed in on properties Lall owned or controlled in Ringwood, New Jersey; Citra, Florida and Hamptonburgh, New York along with a 2013 Lexus GX wagon.Lall was arrested after his jet made a stop to refuel in Puerto Rico, on its way to Guyana.Stashed in different parts of the plane was more than US$600,000 that Prosecutors say was not declared by Lall. He reportedly took responsibility for the cash at the time of arrest. On board were his father and another person.It was disclosed that the pilot, who also owns a limousine service in Guyana, had flown Government officials. There were swirling questions over the operations of the hangar and its accessibility.Government had denied that it granted the company any special privileges and said that the operations were in keeping with regulations.Lall who was bailed after his initial court appearance, was forced to close his Exec Jet offices at Gainesville,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Florida because of the troubles.The US Government had used laws which allow for properties that are linked to illegal transactions to be seized. As Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, the country’s tax body, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), had stepped into the matter, going after the bank accounts,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the Lexus car and two planes. Investigators, apparently working on information,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, started tracking Lall’s deposits to accounts held at Wells Fargo,Cheap Jerseys, Citibank and JP Morgan and found startling evidence that between April 2011 and September 2014, the pilot and family members deposited an astounding US$6,324,411.41 (G$1.3B). There were over a thousand transactions.The IRS believes that a scheme was devised where Lall and others deliberately deposited less than US$10,000 each time in attempts not to trigger suspicion by banks which are mandated to report transactions above that amount. Lall’s wife, Nadinee, and mother Joyce, were named in the transactions.The US Government said that while it is not yet requesting seizures of properties that the Lalls controlled in three states, it intends to do so,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, as proceeds of the deposits were used to renovate or pay mortgages.Lall’s case has been generating much attention in Guyana, Puerto Rico and mainland US, because of the amount of cash that he was found with and the fact that he was well known here.

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Wholesale Jerseys Gavin Nero

Police ranks early yesterday morning recovered a car which was stolen from its owner on Friday evening last.According to reports the driver of the car HB 6061,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Gavin Nero,Authentic Nike NBA Jerseys, a taxi driver was hired from the Stabroek Market area by two men who then requested to be taken to William Street,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, Kitty.Just as Nero stopped the car at the William Street location both men drew handguns on Nero and ordered him out of the car.The gunmen also relieved Nero of a quantity of cash and two cellular phones. They then made good their escape with Nero’s car. A report was made at the Kitty Police Station.Early yesterday morning police received information that there was an abandoned car in the South Ruimveldt Park area. The car turned out to be Nero’s car. Investigations are ongoing.

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Wholesale Authentic Jerseys he was slapped with a $30

Magistrate Faith McGusty yesterday sentenced a Cuban man to 12 months jail for tendering a fake passport case.Lesroy Martinez appeared before Magistrate McGusty and pleaded guilty to the two charges,Wholesale Jerseys China, one of uttering a forged document and another of overstaying in Guyana.Unfortunately for Martinez, one of the charges read to him only allows for a custodial sentence and after mitigation, the Magistrate deemed one year was befitting the crime of uttering a forged document.On December 28,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Martinez presented a fake United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passport to an immigration officer using his own identity.The police said that at Moleson Creek, Corentyne, Berbice the Cuban attempted to defraud Inspector John Brown by stating that the said passport numbered 037651058 was his despite it knowing it was a fake.Additionally, Martinez was previously granted one month stay in Guyana which expired on November 10,Wholesale Football Jerseys, but he failed to comply with the conditions which the police said, prevails around any permit that the State grants.He was permitted to remain in the country from October 10,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, 2013 to November 9,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, 2013 but he overstayed the allowed period.Lance Corporal Renetta Bentham who was prosecuting in the matter told the gathering that the man had entered Guyana using Cuban Passport #10148033.He however had presented the fake passport to the Inspector who realising that it was forged took the legal course of action against him. Martinez was subsequently taken to the Criminal Investigation Division and questioned and charged.The Magistrate had informed the court that overstaying is an offence which attracts a fine but uttering a forged document carried a prison sentence and asked the man for a reason.Speaking through an interpreter from the Cuban Embassy, Martinez explained that he was here waiting for a work permit. The Cuban man added that that’s the passport which was given to him from Cuba.In response, Magistrate McGusty claimed that she had seen no mitigating circumstances. However, before sentencing the man she related that she considered that he did not waste the court’s time.She said that the law does not permit anything but a custodial sentence and the man was thereby sentenced to jail. On account of the overstaying charge,Cheap Soccer Gear, he was slapped with a $30,000 fine.

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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online for Kesssa’s story to strike a chord with him

Most parents offer their children a reward when they perform well at school and Kessa Kendall’s mother, Kathy, is no different. Bracing herself to buy something expensive or some one of the electronic gadgets that most children seemed so enamored with she says she was surprised at Kessa’s request.Kessa is a former Grade Six student who performed so well at the National Grade Six Assessment that she was the best performer in all of Berbice. Kessa attended St. Therese’s Primary School in New Amsterdam where she also lives with her mother,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, who is a legal clerk and has been for the last fifteen years.Kessa told her mother that all she wanted as her reward for doing so well was to visit the Georgetown Reading and Research Centre.When Kessa’s simple request made its way back to Mr. Rupert Hopkinson,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the Director of the Georgetown Reading and Research Centre (GRRC) he was floored.  Mr. Hopkinson is of the opinion that people do not read enough as is, especially young people. So Kessa’s story was one of encouragement for him.Hopkinson notes that there are a number of Guyanese who have come from very poor backgrounds but have gone on to make huge successes of themselves, and most of them will speak of a love for reading and learning, especially in their early years. All the more reason,Cheap World Cup Jerseys, he said, for Kesssa’s story to strike a chord with him,China Jerseys Wholesale, because he knows that she comes from a  humble background yet that has not held her back from performing so well. So he got in touch with Kessa’s mother and told her to bring Kessa down for a visit so that he could meet this exceptional young lady.On Wednesday last when Kessa and her mother visited the Georgetown Reading and Research Centre they received a little surprise from the staff. Not only did Mr. Hopkinson want to meet Kessa but he also prepared a hamper of books and school supplies for the Berbician standout who will be heading off to High School in September.But that was only the start of the gifts. According to Mr. Hopkinson, Kessa has been made an honorary member of the GRRC for life. She is free to borrow books from the thousands on offer, read them and return them. Not only that,Cheap NFL Jerseys, but the institution will keep track of Kessa’s progress throughout High School and onto University; she will be given text book assistance and allowed to utilize the research facilities at the GRRC.The precocious eleven-year-old loves reading with a passion and believes that all the reading has definitely helped her along and made it possible for her to do as well as she did at the National Grade Six Assessment.Both Kessa and her mother were very grateful for the kindness shown to them by Mr. Hopkinson and took the opportunity to tell him so. Kathy Kendall thanked him for affording her daughter the opportunity to excel at school by providing her with some of the resources that she might not have been able to find herself. Kessa when asked what she had to say on the matter,Jerseys Wholesale, encouraged other kids her age to read since it makes learning a lot easier and is so much fun. (Crystal Conway)

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Jerseys NFL China Miss. Shauntel Maloney

Guyana Defence Force Chief of Staff,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Commodore Gary Best last Friday welcomed to his office at Base Camp Ayanganna, children in the care of the Margaret Rose Arthur Day Care Centre.Fourteen of the Centre’s 25 children visited the Chief of Staff.Chief of Staff Commodore Gary Best chats with one of the children during the visit. Looking on is Miss Shauntel Maloney and, at far left, one of the caregivers.The visitors could hardly contain their excitement at meeting Commodore Best, who showed them replicas of aircraft and ships.The Centre’s administrator, Miss. Shauntel Maloney,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, indicated that the visit was arranged as part of the children’s orientation to important people, which forms the theme for their interactions during this term.“This term,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, we are discussing with the children, important people in Guyana. We have talked to them about the President and the Prime Minister,” she said.“We have also talked with them about the Chief of Staff and the patron of the Day Care Centre,NFL Jerseys China, Ms. Margaret Rose Arthur,Cheap Jerseys From China, after whom the centre is named. We feel that it is important for the children to learn about and know who heads the organisation under which the Centre is managed and also to know about the person whose name the Centre bears,” she added.Commodore Best indicated the visit was good and augured well for the children’s development and appreciation of people and places of significance. He encouraged the centre’s administrator to ensure that they benefit from other such visits from time to time.Babies,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, toddlers and pre-schoolers are catered for at the centre and each of them is supervised by a particular caregiver.The Margaret Rose Arthur Day Care centre caters for the all-round development of its charges with activities streamlined to enhance their emotional, cognitive and social skills.It was built and dedicated in 2010 and formally opened in 2011.

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China NFL Jerseys the situation would not have occurred.The Town Clerk

Following moves by a faction of the Georgetown Mayor & City Council (M&CC) to deter beautification works to the environs of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC),Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, Mayor Hamilton Green has informed that he is taking the matter into his hands in order to provide a peaceful outcome.The GPHC enhancement project has been a source of contention.During a telephone interview with this newspaper, the Mayor noted that although he is in support of the enhancement project being undertaken by the GPHC, it was started through the wrong procedure and consultation via the wrong medium.The construction of concrete flower containers at the entrance of the facility’s New Market Street entrances commenced last week,NFL Jerseys China, following permission granted by Town Clerk, Carol Sooba.According to the Mayor, upon granting permission for the project, the Town Clerk consulted with no one. “This is typical of her behaviour. She thinks she is imperial over the City.”He added that had the Clerk sought proper direction by consulting with the Mayor and the engineers’ section of the council (where applications are initially lodged for reviews and recommendations before being forwarded to the Works Committee for overall approval), the situation would not have occurred.The Town Clerk, along with approving the construction of the flower containers,Cheap NFL Jerseys, had also indicated that the roadside vendors who sold food items and confectionary at the facility’s entrance should be removed.With that, constables of the City Council were sent to urge the vendors to remove from the location. When Kaieteur News visited the location, vendors had complained of being ousted from their selling spots because of the ongoing construction.The project has thus far been halted due to an order given by the Council’s Building Inspector after it was established that no official application was tendered to have the structures erected.According to Councilor,mlb jerseys china, Gregory Fraser,Wholesale Jerseys China, the Town Clerk has no authority to authorize such works and thus her approval is not valid. Repeated efforts to contact the Town Clerk for comment proved futile.Nevertheless, the Mayor indicated that during the coming week,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he intends to consult with the hospital’s administration as well as the vendors to find a peaceful way to solve the issue and to satisfy both sides.

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The Alliance for Change’s (AFC) Khemraj Ramjattan, with the support of Vice Chairman Moses Nagamootoo,Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale, has called for the withdrawal of Muri Brasil’s Permission to conduct Geological and Geophysical Survey (PGGS) in the controversial New River Triangle.The AFC leader said that their contention with the PGGS is the non-transparency from Government on the development of the project, “and that is why we are so suspicious of its entire purpose.”AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan“The Minister under scrutiny in the committee dealing with this matter under natural resources did try to hide the fact that a PGGS was granted, and the whole explanation is not forthcoming when it comes to developmental project of size.”To add insult to injury Ramjattan posited, “We are now learning that the company is closely associated with elements within the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and we are noticing the connection.”Nagamootoo said that the party now understands that Muri officials actually campaigned for the PPP in the last general elections. “I recall that while we were delivering a protest note to the Brazilian Embassy,NFL Jerseys China, I was there as part of a delegation- that there were Brazilian nations who had ostensibly interference in the internal affairs of Guyana and we had mounted a picket line outside of the Brazilian Embassy and we had presented a petition.“It now looks as if it were a pay day; that they got 2.2million acres of our pristine land in an area bordering the country contiguous to a state. This occupation would compromise our ability to secure that area if it is penetrated by narco traffickers and gun traffickers& “Ramjattan reiterated that the area should be treated with some caution and any decisions in relation to that should be taken with considerations of GDF’s position on the matter. He mentioned the effects that activities in the area could have on the Norwegian agreement; as the area is pristine forest and activities can cause degradation with huge amount of carbon emissions which will affect the measures we have to meet.“We treat it with tremendous concern as to why they were so non-transparent and why the Minister went on to be non-accountable in the context of it being ceased with military repercussions, environmental and ecological implications.”Mining activities in the New River Triangle area has always been a matter of not only national security, but also a matter of national policy. The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has always been instrumental and the enforcement body in relation to activities occurring in that area former Chief-of-Staff Edward Collins explained in an invited comment yesterday.He said that to ensure that activities in that area was monitored and kept under control,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he at one point sat on the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) board,China Jerseys Cheap, while during active duty,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the military was obligated to enforce policies in this “sensitive” area as a means of safeguarding the integrity of the nation’s board; “and to my knowledge, that policy has not changed.”Collins continued that the army had further developed a landing site for accessing the area to ensure that the border was not compromised when garimperos (Brazilian illegal miners) invaded the area.Vice ChairmanMoses NagamootooCollins said that given the initial stands on activities in that area and given instances where the military had to stand their ground in protecting the area,Wholesale Jerseys, he is surprised that permission was given for any mining affiliated activities to be conducted.He said that all countries have what is called a buffer zone- which is the separation of two or more areas;- and to consider activities within 300 yards of the border could be a recipe for trouble, he signaled.He added that further ‘classified’ measures were put in place between Guyana and Suriname and questioned whether these measures were considered from a military standpoint.GDF Chief-of-Staff Mark Phillips has stated however that the army will remain committed and adherent to the policies of the government. He charged, “The government has a responsibility for governing the country and determining what is best, so the GDF will respect any decisions made for the country.”He reiterated that it is the army’s job to conduct its duty according to the policies of the administration.Other former military personnel have expressed the same sentiments in relation to the New River area. Former Chief of Staff Joe Singh had told this newspaper that the army had viewed the area from a national security.

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Cheap Jerseys to

Government has announced plans to ensure the City’s fire hydrants are up and running with the possibility of sourcing water from the Demerara River.Minister Keith ScottMinister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott, in a recent interview with Government Information Agency (GINA), outlined a proposal that will soon be tabled to totally rehabilitate the existing fire hydrant system.“The system that I’m advocating…is to have underground pipes that will bring water directly from the Demerara River into these hydrants,Wholesale Jerseys, so that at a moment’s notice, you can have water at all times- 24/7,” Minister Scott indicated.He added that whilst the installation of such a system, complete with booster stations at strategic points, will see significant sums being invested, such a system is needed to save property and lives.“When you look at the long-term effect, which is forever, and what will be saved in terms of no longer having those magnitude of fires and loss of lives, then you cannot put a price on that.”There have been questions overtime about the ownership of the largely non-functioning hydrants.Firefighters have been facing torrid times with many hydrants not functioning, forcing them to resort to trenches for a steady supply.According to Scott, currently there is a need to determine who has legal responsibility for the hydrants. The ownership issue will be discussed, and when the new system comes on stream, the new owners will be assigned.This proposal will soon be discussed with the Mayor and City Council, Insurance companies, and other stakeholders.“We at GWI (Guyana Water Inc.) will also be saving,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, as instead of using treated water to out a fire, you’d be using an unlimited supply of water from the Demerara River,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, to (put) out any fire that arises…where necessary, legislation has to be enacted, (as) we shall be going that way,NFL Jerseys From China,” Minister Scott outlined.The new government is moving to have working fire hydrants for the City with water likely to come from the Demerara River.He also stated that even as proposals are being refined, to be discussed with a number of stakeholders, the Ministry of Communities has already begun its planning works.“In the meantime,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, we are already encouraging our designers,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, as they design our homes and schemes, to make sure within the plan, the specifications for hydrants are actively placed at strategic points,” Minister Scott said.

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NFL Jerseys Wholesale and Benjamin Sinus.“But the drugs can only do so much

…but torment for people with respiratory ailmentsSales in medicinal drugs to alleviate the suffering of persons with certain respiratory conditions have doubled in recent times, according to some of the more prominent pharmacies in Linden.Jose Emerson, manager of Ruby G’s Pharmacy in the Mackenzie market,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, was quick to point out that ‘cold’ medicines are the fastest selling pharmaceuticals in Linden.Pharmacies in Linden, Region 10, have been doing good business as residents there continue to be affected by a dust pollution problem.Emerson who has helped to manage the family business over the past 10 years told this newspaper that in all his years in the pharmacy, the recent upsurge in sales of drugs used for the alleviation of these conditions is unequalled.“Now there are persons with sinus conditions, who are convinced that the dust inhalation is responsible for making their condition worse- these people would come in and purchase certain drugs like Advil Cold and Sinus, Piriton Double, and Benjamin Sinus.“But the drugs can only do so much,Cheap Football Jerseys, when the people are being daily exposed to the dust pollution that is causing their discomfort in the first place. We have to get rid of the source; we can only treat the symptoms. Now I notice in today’s (yesterday) papers all the plans that Bosai has to deal with the dust situation- now this ‘dealing’ is long overdue- people are suffering and it is about time that we get some action and less talk,” Emerson emphasised.Officials at another prominent Linden pharmacy also pointed out that there have been ‘significant’ increases in the sale of these drugs in the recent past.“Overall, and judging from our sales records over a specific period,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, drugs for respiratory and sinus conditions have always been topping the list in sales here,” one dispenser pointed out.Another pharmacist observed,Cheap Jerseys, “In the few years I have been practicing here, I have come into contact with quite a few persons with respiratory conditions. The sneezing, coughing and other cold symptoms- most persons are always with a cold, a severe chest cold that is I would say are directly related to the dust situation here. And I work under the Ministry of Health. On a daily basis we would cover at least fifty cases- but then we need to take into consideration that some of these patients are repeaters, as some of them don’t comply as it relates with how they should use their medicines.”Lindeners have been besieged by dust on a daily basis over the years, and residents have vociferously condemned the various entities that have managed the bauxite industry of being uncaring.But now, hope is in sight as a government team inspected the facility and Bosai has committed to installing systems to reduce the pollution.On Monday, during a press conference with Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, Company Secretary of Bosai,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Major-General (rtd), Norman McLean, disclosed that the dust trapping mechanism system is 90 per cent complete. Two more components are due in Guyana within a few weeks, he added.The dust pollution problem will ease by June with the full installation of the dust trapping systems,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, the official said, stressing that the particles affecting the Linden area are really the finest quality of bauxite.According to McLean, there were around 40 visits from the Chinese to look into the dust problem with the new system, the first one in almost 40 years.Bosai also took the opportunity to announce that it will be plugging almost US$100M for expansion in its Region Ten bauxite operations over the next year.Additionally, at least 500 permanent jobs will be created as a result and six megawatts of power generating sets will be added to the area.The announcement was made by Bosai officials shortly before a board meeting Monday with government which holds a 30 per cent share in the Chinese-owned company.

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NFL Jerseys China 000 that was in the cashier canister

…women among robbersBy: Brushell Blackman and Rabindra RooplallA traumatised Amela Khan and Keron Persaud just after robbery yesterday.A gang of five, including two women, robbed the Gizmos and Gadgets Auto Zone store on Regent Street in broad daylight yesterday, even as the busy shopping area was bustling with activities leading up to the Christmas holidays.The bandits who escaped in a gold-coloured Toyota AT 170, looted the store of $126,000 that was in the cashier canister, along with a number of cell phones, and a range of musical items.In addition, the store cashier, Amelia Khan, had her bag that had a cell phone worth $80,000 and $10,000 in cash, stolen. Another employee, Keron Persaud, had his wallet that contained $5,000 along with his cell phone.According to Amela Khan, it was around 14:30 hours that a woman came under the guise of conducting a Moneygram transaction. Khan said that upon close examination of the woman’s documents that she presented to complete the transaction, she realised that something was amiss.“Her transaction number was incorrect and she didn’t had any ID,” Khan recalled. She said that after she conveyed this to the smartly dressed young woman the latter promised to return with the correct documents and collect her supposed $40,000 that she even filled out a Moneygram form for.The visibly traumatised Khan said that when the woman left she contacted the Moneygram main branch and she quickly realised that the transaction was a fake.Khan, who was manning the store at the time with another employee,NFL Jerseys Supply, Keron Persaud, the sales representative, went about their regular routine in the business establishment.The woman said that it was about ten minutes later that the woman who had earlier visited the store returned.However this time she came with another female and three males, and sought to complete her earlier transaction. To Khan’s surprise the documents the woman presented were yet again incorrect. During this time the other bandits were pricing items in the store while she was attending to the woman from her cashier cage.Khan said she started to become concerned since she realised that something was not right. The young woman said that she came out into the store to give support to Persaud since the five were now checking the prices for virtually everything in the store. The woman said that no sooner had she ventured into the main store area than one of the female accosted her and demanded the keys to the cashier cage.“She grabbed me by my hair and started hitting me asking for the key.” Khan said that by this time her colleague, Keron Persaud, was cornered by the three men who started to beat him.The woman said that one of the bandits had an ice picker while another was armed with a handgun. The young woman said that the bandits duck taped the hands and mouths of both she and Persaud and bundled them into the toilet of the store. She explained that everything happened in about five minutes and it was only when her colleague managed to free his hand that they ran onto the road and were set free by the owner and employees of RRT Enterprise next door.According to storeowner Ravi Mangar this is the third robbery that has befallen his businesses across the city. He said that the store is understaffed and is currently selling out its stocks since that branch will be closed and relocated to its new location on North Road that is close to completion.Mangar said that he is very disappointed about what happen but he is thankful that his staffs were not injured. The store is outfitted with surveillance cameras but according to Mangar they were not recording at the time. The man said that his staff would be able to identify the bandits since they did not conceal their identities.The store does not have a security guard on site but is protected by MMC security service that was promptly at the scene when summoned.Mangar opined that the robbery was well planned since the woman who came to the store first was there to stake out the location, so that the execution of the nefarious act went with incident.The police in a release,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, said that they were investigating an armed robbery that occurred at about 14:00hours yesterday,Cheap NBA Jerseys USA, at Gizmos and Gadgets,Jerseys From China, Regent Road, Bourda, during which two employees were held up and robbed by three men and two women. Two of the men were armed with a handgun and a screwdriver.Investigations revealed that the five assailants entered the business place on the pretext of purchasing cell phones when they held up cashier Amelia Khan and sales clerk Keron Persaud. They then took away an undisclosed number of cell phones and $136,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys,000 in cash belonging to the company along with a pair of sunglasses and $10,000.00 cash belonging to the two victims.The robbery comes at a time when the Guyana Police Force has announced plans to beef up security in main shopping areas to root out such incidents. When Kaieteur News visited the police were conducting investigations but up to press time no one was arrested.

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Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping CARICOM

In a historical move to strengthen South American ties,Cheap NFL Jerseys, President David Granger accepted Letters of Credence from the first resident Ambassador of Chile to Guyana yesterday.The accreditation ceremony took place at the Ministry of the Presidency, with official representatives of both countries,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, including Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, in attendance.Ambassador Claudio Rachel Rojas will be the first resident envoy from Chile since the country established formal diplomatic relations with Guyana, in 1971. He will be stationed at the Chilean Embassy in Brickdam.The diplomatic intermediary post was previously held by prominent businessman Dr. Yesu Persaud, who was Honorary Consul for the Republic of Chile in Guyana.Ambassador Rojas said that his country is looking forward to established stronger ties in education,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, mining, investment,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, capacity building and trade,Cheap Jerseys Store, with the goal of working for the common good of the peoples of both nations.He added that the step towards building concrete relations with Guyana is a step towards improving regional integration efforts among South American nations,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, especially through continental organisations like the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and Mercosur.As Chile has been comparatively isolated from the Caribbean region, the Ambassador added that opening a local embassy is a step forward towards improving relations with organisations like the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).“There is space to foster our ties,” said Ambassador Rojas, noting that strengthened diplomatic ties can lead to the development of opening Guyana to a “Pacific alliance”. The Chilean envoy regarded these improved relations as a great learning experience for the parties involved.In his welcoming remarks to the new Ambassador, President Granger thanked the government of Chile for furthering cooperation between the South American nations. He described this step in diplomacy as a “move to deepen the bonds and friendship” between Chile and Guyana”.He stressed that for years the counties have enjoyed cordial relations and have worked closely on matters of mutual concern in the regional and national agenda.President Granger views the effort as a way of revitalising corporation and relations with its western neighbour to the mutual benefit of the countries.“The common position we share is that which deals with sustainable development, poverty alleviation, peace and insecurity, respect for territorial integrity, rule of law and sanctity of treaties that provide a solid foundation to the friendly relations which we enjoy,” said President Granger.The Head of State stressed that both nations place emphasis on achieving regional integration as a means of reaching a better standard of living for their citizens.He said that Guyana views Ambassador Rojas accreditation as an excellent opportunity to reaffirm Chiles commitment to establishing closer relations and better cooperation.

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NFL Jerseys 2018 Kingston

Not many persons would relish a career in which the threat of death is constant.But Edward Orin Collins is one of the many special men and women who never flinched at the idea of putting their lives on the line in defence of their country.Add the burden of frequently being away from their families for extended periods not knowing if you will see them again and you will see why these men and women are special.We’re talking here about career soldiers, a vocation many of us will frown upon. And Edward Collins can be considered one of Guyana’s most patriotic soldiers.His career spanned decades during which Guyana faced many threats, both externally and internally.There were border skirmishes to the domestic situations, in which all his training and experience were brought to bear.From a Cadet Officer in the early 1970s, he rose to become the head of the Guyana Defence Force and retired as Brigadier General in 2007.Edward Orin Collins was born on September 26, 1952, at No. 40 Village, West Coast Berbice. The sixth child and second son of a policeman, Edwin Collins, and Marjorie Collins,Wholesale Jerseys, a housewife. He lived his early years in several Police Divisions along the Coast. Most of this time however, was spent in Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo, when his father was stationed at Leonora and Parika Police Stations.His first encounter with the military was in the 1960s when he encountered the British soldiers here in Guyana, followed by the Volunteer Corps.But although he had seen the military in two forms, first the white soldiers and then persons like himself (Volunteer Corps) he still was not attracted to the military then.A career in the army was not on Collins’s mind in his formative years, in fact, this confirmed Anglican appeared destined for a career in medicine, although his mother wanted him to become a priest.But economic constraints put paid to those early lofty dreams and Collins soon found himself among the ranks of the employed.His first job was teaching at the St. Jules Anglican School at Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara.He even enlisted in the Teachers’ Training College and at that time it seemed that Collins would have joined the list of distinguished teachers that were a feature at that time of Guyana’s history.But that career was short lived, for it was while at college that the idea of joining the Guyana Defence Force first surfaced for the aspiring teacher.But it was not just the desire to be in uniform that really inspired the young Collins, as he explained it was the higher remuneration that was being offered by the army that struck a chord in his mind.Collins swears before Commander in Chief,Cheap Jerseys USA, President Bharat Jagdeo after being appointed Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force.“I was with some friends and Arlington Success talked about his brief period as a cadet and he indicated that at least you will get more money. What attracted me was, it was fifty dollars from teachers’ training college when compared with $380 being offered by the army. I said let me go for the Guyana Defence Force.”After going through the interview process, conducted by Colonel Ulric Pilgrim and the then Lt Col. Joseph Singh, he joined the Guyana Defence Force at the age of 21, as an Officer Cadet in 1973, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on July 24, 1974.But although the training was intense, Collins who considers himself a fitness fanatic came through with flying colours and by then he had grown to love the career he had chosen.“I was being exposed to training to become an officer. Imagine in those days a young 21-year-old giving orders… made quite a lot of sense to me,” he said with a slight chuckle.Then came one of the major turning points in his military career. Collins was one of three members of the GDF to be selected for a special course in China.During that stint in China, he was fortunate to witness the visit of US president Richard Nixon to the socialist country.“We were visiting the Great Wall (of China) together, myself, Colonel Harmon and Andy Worrell. And just being there and being exposed to a man of the stature of Nixon, and living what the Chinese called equality,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, was overwhelming,”Coming from a small third world country like Guyana and being treated like royalty in China was something that would remain in the memory of the young army Lieutenant.“China lived socialism and we came back home loving socialism because the treatment we received was first class. Everywhere we went, whatever we wanted to do, they treated us well,” Collins said.The China course was organised by the then Prime Minister of Guyana Forbes Burnham and his Chinese counterpart.According to Collins, they were not aware what they were going to do in China and it was not until they were actually there that they realised that the course was specially designed for them.The Chinese exposure was more akin to the state of Guyana at the time, since there were similarities in terms of the equipment used and the way the Chinese military went about their operations.He recalled that being a fitness fanatic in addition to his physical stature, he was able to excel in the area of physical training, so much so that he became the envy of his Chinese counterparts.At one point, the Chinese were so desperate not to play second fiddle to the Guyanese that they brought a man from out of the blue to outdo Collins.“The Chinese will bring an athlete if they thought it was necessary in order to outdo you,China Jerseys,” the retired army head stated.Even his name was easy for the Chinese-they called him Co-lin-suAfter returning to Guyana, it was time to buckle down and commit to the task of becoming the best army officer he could be.“I developed a love for the military and when I came back home, I never turned back.”In the mid seventies, Guyana faced many external threats primarily from its eastern and western neighbours and the role of the military, and by extension the young officers, was to be tested.There were also some internal ramblings, which also required the military to be on high alert.In 1975, while the Guyana Defence Force was celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Venezuelans had crossed the border into Guyana.Collins recalled that he and fellow officers were together when the then Prime Minister Forbes Burnham called an emergency meeting.Among those in attendance were Guyana’s Foreign Minister Fred Wills, EV Luckhoo and the Venezuelan Ambassador, who was summoned.“When the meeting was over, Burnham came across to us, the young officers,China NBA Jerseys, and said, ‘young officers, you’re enjoying your anniversary but are you prepare to die?’ Immediately we said yes. It was when he moved off that we looked at each other and said, ‘what was it he just said?’ It just goes to show the love we had for him as a leader because he was taking us into something new and most of us bought into it,” Collins reminisced.“But at that time we were prepared and then the Cuban disaster in ’76 we were ready and rearing to go, because we expected an invasion. So there were many short periods of tension, either out of rumour or deliberate moves by the Venezuelans,” he added.Collins said that during that period he was always prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.Also during his early days as an officer, Collins was exposed to other special training primarily in the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada, where his Chinese experience stood out.His military education and training includes the Company Commander Course -Peoples’ Liberation Army,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, People’s Republic of China; the GDF’s Junior Staff Course, the Combat Team Commander Course  United Kingdom; the Canadian Forces Staff Course  Toronto, Canada; the Canadian Land Forces Command & Staff Course,  Kingston, Canada; the GDF’s Military Law Course; the Civil Military Strategy for Internal Development -Special Operations School of Defence and Development  US Air Force, Fort Walton Beach, Florida; the Command and General Staff Course  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA; the Law of Armed Conflict – Canada; the Advance Continental Defence Course  Inter-American Defense College, Fort Mc Leslie J. Nair, Washington D.C.Brigadier General (retired) Collins is also a graduate of the University of Guyana from which he graduated with a BSoc (Hons) in Public Management in 1996 and of the Central Michigan University, United States from which he graduated in 1997 with a MSc in General Administration.Collins also served overseas as Commander of the CARICOM Contingent during the United Nations Mission in Haiti (UNMIH) from March to September 1995. Then, he became the first Caribbean Officer to command the CARICOM Forces on a United Nations Mission.In addition to international medals from the United Nations, the Brazilian Armed Forces and the People’s Liberation Army, Brigadier General (retired) Collins is the holder of the Military Service Medal, the Border Defence Medal, the Military Efficiency Medal, the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Medal and the Prime Minister’s Medal for the Best Graduating Student in the Diploma of Public Management, University of Guyana.He was a member of the Board of Directors, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and served as Chief of Guyana’s Delegation to the Inter-American Defense Board from February, 2001 to June 2004.On 3rd April, 2008, he was the first Guyanese to be inducted in the International Officers Hall of Fame at the Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth Kansas, United States of America.The following week, on 9th April, he was inducted not only as the first from Guyana but also the English-speaking Caribbean into the Hall of Honour at the Inter American Defense College, Fort Leslie J. Me Nair, Washington,  D.C. U.S.A. Other inductees of the latter College include the President of Chile, Madame Michele Bachelet who was a student of the Class of XXXVII  two classes before Collins.From a very early stage in his military life, Collins was always aspiring to become the leader of the Guyana Defence Force.“Anywhere I go, any organization I join, I always work towards being at the top. If I don’t get there, then it’s tough luck but I will work towards getting there,” he said.But his assent to the pinnacle of the army came with a lot of responsibilities, and according to Collins, it was this period that brought some of the low points of his military career.The first major setback was the death of a young cadet officer during training.Collins believes that as the head of the army, the responsibility to ensure the safety of the Cadets was his, and he was not shy of accepting the responsibility.Also under his watch as Chief of Staff, 33 AK-47s disappeared from Army Headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, and again Collins has accepted responsibility for this.“I was at a meeting when I was informed and we aborted the meeting and launched an investigation and tried to analyse what went wrong. We tried to ensure that nothing else left or disappeared,” Collins said.“It must be a low point for any military commander. How can 33 weapons disappear this wasn’t a question of somebody breaking into the camp, it was something internal. That in itself caused you to do some introspection.  Then you had to go and report to the Commander in Chief.”“He was not harsh.  He helped us sit to work out how to get back the weapons. The first part of the strategy was to ensure that the weapons were not used and that raised the level of military involvement in law enforcement,” Collins said.“As I see it the weapons and the Cadet were entrusted in my care so I have taken full responsibility for the losses on those two occasions. I would thus like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to the nation.”Collins was categorical in stating that at no time in his military career was there any contemplation of a mutiny or attempt to overthrow an elected government.He said that having been exposed to training in several democratic countries, most of the officers of the Guyana Defence Force were familiar with the military/civilian partnership.Among the officers who had a distinct impact on his military life were Hartley Liverpool, Joseph Singh and Fairbairn Liverpool.But according to Collins, David Granger had the most impact.“He was working with me to change the way we were training our officers; to make him an officer who has responsibility for leading instead of driving and taking of command,” Collins stated.“I was personally touched by the tireless efforts and eagerness of the soldiers and their police counterparts as they continuously worked many days and nights on the various types of joint operations.  They were very vigilant and so highly energised that I drew my own strength from them as indeed I remained steadfast in my belief in GOD.  The losses apart, I think I personally experienced quite a lot of spiritual growth during that period,” Collins explained.Brigadier General Collins is married to Marilyn Bernadette Collins (Director of Food and Drug Department) and has three daughters – Charmayne Shelene, Orlyn Eddiena and Anna Alicia.Of course being a military officer had its impact on family life.However, according to Collins, his retirement could not have come sooner, since it affords him the opportunity to spend more quality time with his family.“As a military officer I found myself being away from my family for too long periods. I was in Haiti from ’94 to ’95. Six days after my marriage I was in Canada, so I didn’t have a second Sunday,” he recalled.But while none of his daughters are militarily inclined, Collins informed that at least he would encourage his grandson to take up the mantle and become a military officer.Presently, the retired Chief-of-Staff spends a lot of time in his private gym and remains in top physical shape despite his age.

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wholesale nfl jerseys are now patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital

Keith Duncan, 55, of Fort Wellington,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, West Coast, Berbice and Hamid Ali, 77, of Lot,Wholesale Football Jerseys, 8 James Street Albouystown, Georgetown, are now patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) after they were involved in an accident, yesterday,Cheap Jerseys From China, at Port Mourant,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Corentyne,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, Berbice.According to reports, three persons were returning to Georgetown, when the accident occurred.Kaieteur News understands that Ali is suffering from trauma to the head, nose and ear, while Duncan also sustained injuries to the head. The third person, who also received injuries,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, was treated at the said hospital and was sent home.Duncan’s wife, Yvette told Kaieteur News that she received the horrible news via telephone, but has not been informed of what transpired.

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