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The work of foreign consultants in identifying the flaws in the laid fibre optic cable in sections along the hinterland,Cheap Jerseys From China, is still ongoing.According to Alexei Ramotar, Project Manager of E-Governance Unit, foreign consultants from Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and Colombia were tasked with reviewing the project to see where local contractors went wrong in the execution of the project.However, a more indepth study is expected to commence shortly to identify specific sections of the cable that were destroyed,Cheap Jerseys USA, what could be done to fix the flaws and how to protect the cable in the future.Physical works for the laying of the 560-kilometre cable began in April 2011. Poor weather conditions and the absence of appropriate equipment were cited for the slothfulness of contractors. Ramotar said only DAX Engineering had the appropriate equipment to execute the work.Contractors had complained about the small sum they had bid for the project but continued with their tasks nonetheless. However,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, in the end only DAX Contracting and Dynamic Engineering completed its section satisfactorily.Sections executed by Mekdeci Machinery and Construction (MMC) and G. Bovell Construction Services have to be redone.The affected areas include Mabura, Kurupukari, Annai,Cheap Jerseys, Linden and East Bank Demerara Public Road. The cables in Linden and along East Bank Demerara were destroyed after they were installed and not as a result of poor works.Correcting the flaws under the US$32M project would certainly cost additional sums. However,Wholesale Jerseys China, according to Ramotar, all monies budgeted for the hinterland aspect of the project,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, have not been expended during the initial laying of the cable.He said US$5.8M was allocated for the hinterland project. That amount has not been exhausted and there was no reason to approach the Ministry of Finance for additional funds.

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Guyana’s 50th anniversary celebrations is expected to attract a large number of people from all around the world and the organizers for the event will be doing everything to ensure everyone feels safe, comfortable and at home.Bobby VieiraChairman for the Golden Jubilee Celebration, Bobby Vieira said that security during the event will be their main concern. There will be members from the Guyana Police Force and ranks from the Joint Services overlooking the event.At this point, the Chairman said that the event is still in its planning stage. “We are working to ensure adequate security because we expect to get an influx of people, including foreigners,” Vieira related.He explained that they are in the process of setting up an online accreditation process where participants, including artistes,NFL Jerseys Outlet, vendors among others can be accredited.Once accredited, persons will receive a badge,NFL Jerseys China, featuring their name and photograph,Wholesale Jerseys Store, indicating which area they will be working.“You will have to go online to the website and fill out an accreditation form or you can go to one of the Ministries, either Tourism or Culture and fill out the form. We are still working on that,” the Chairman said.The event will feature Guyanese Singer, Sasha Wintz; Vocalist Cherry-Ann Hislop; Soca Artists Adrian Dutchin and Jumo Primo,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, as well as Chutney singers Gopaul Mangalram and Joyce Urmila Harris.Guyanese-American hip hop stars Red Café and Ryan Leslie have also been invited to perform.There will also be performances from the Bethesda Healing Center Dance Ministry, God’s Battalion of Praise Youth Choir,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, Impressions Dance Theater and classical Indian dancers Nikita Persaud and Nadia Persaud. Singer Anthony Alleyne, is slated to sing the US National Anthem while Lenessa Alexander will sing the Guyana National Anthem.Guyana’s Golden Jubilee week of celebration starts on May 19 and ends on May 26. It will showcase the country’s development, history and talents.Meanwhile, since Easter is being celebrated today, Vieira is asking all parents,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who are planning to take their children to the Durban Park to fly kite, to be extra careful and conscious of the surroundings.“We are appealing to parents to keep an eye on their children because construction works are ongoing at the park. We are not denying access; just be careful,” the Chairman urged.He explained that vehicles will be barred from entering the park. “There are some stands that are completed that persons can use.”

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By Ralph Seeram I was watching my four-year-old grandson in his Wrangler jeans. As I was admiring him, my thoughts wandered back to when I got my first jeans,NFL Jerseys China, actually my first long pants.I was way into my teens and still wearing short pants. The old people had this silly notion that if you wear long pants you will think “yuh ah big man” or “yuh gun play big man”. For girls,Cheap Jerseys China, well they could not even entertain the thought, much less ask their parents for jeans. I am sure many of my older readers experienced this.Anyway Christmas was coming up; all my friends had long pants, and there was no way I was going out Christmas Eve night with short pants. I was always called an “own way boy” so I decided to live up to my reputation. I ordered a pair of jeans—- at least get “bad name for something I did.Now in those days there were no ready made jeans in the store as you see these days. You had to go to a tailor to have it custom made. And if you live in New Amsterdam in those days the man to go to was Dooley,Cheap Jerseys Online, who had his tailor shop at the back dam end of St. Ann Street, more popularly known then as Chinee Lane. I look at the fancy stitches on jeans these days and said Dooley did all that way back then. As expected coming on to Christmas, everybody wants their new jeans or pants. Naturally, Dooley was overwhelmed. If you were lucky to get your pants before Christmas Eve count yourself lucky. Coming on to Christmas Eve Dooley started celebrating in true Guyanese style, liquor. Don’t even think of coming back before January, Dooley closed his shop till day after New Year’s day.I was fortunate to get mine before that Christmas and subsequent Christmases. Even with the introduction of ready made jeans in the stores in the later years, like so many others I still went to Dooley for a custom made jeans or dress pants, long of course. Dooley was the best tailor in New Amsterdam when it came to jeans.Is it only Guyanese who feel that they have to get a new outfit for Christmas? Christmas is not only the time everybody gets a makeover and the entire house gets a new look. The house gets “cob web out”, steps got scrubbed or scraped, floors got polished— later years it was lacquer— not to mention new blinds or curtain as well as a painting.I couldn’t understand why the Guyanese housewives waited to the last moment, sometime on Xmas Eve to put up their new curtains. One explanation was they did not want the neighbor to see it before Christmas, lest they go buy the same one. I guess it was a “woman thing”.A Christmas Eve stroll down Main Street, in New Amsterdam, is something most people looked forward to, especially families with kids. First it was a much cleaner town. Unlike the present there was not the atmosphere that exists today with the loud music from cars, the “hanging out” crowd that molest women as they pass by, not to mention the criminal elements.Here in the Diaspora Guyanese still maintain their Christmas tradition. This week I went to the largest Caribbean grocery store in the Orlando area, the Caribbean Super Center, to get my supplies. I was thinking of beating the rush. Apparently other Guyanese had the same idea. You won’t believe the long lines in the meat section for cow heels, ox tails and so forth. I went to the shelf to get some cassareep and was amused. There was one that said ‘Pomeroon Casareep’. I explained to my son that the people who made the casareep don’t know where Pomeroon is. It was made in Canada.Then there was another labeled ‘Amerindian Casareep’ and yet another labeled Guyanese style casareep. Next to me I overheard a man telling his wife, “If you want good casareep you have to bring it yourself from Guyana” As I purchased my cow heels, I remarked to my son that this was a difficult thing to get at Christmas in Guyana, as the cow only has “four foot” and one tail; some people had to make their pepper pot without heels. You had to be on good terms with the butcher to get your supply. Actually the trick was to buy it well in advance of Christmas and freeze it. (These days cow heels and pig trotters qabound. There is no shortage)Here in the Diaspora, Christmas has been so commercialized  that the true meaning has been lost, the commercials make you feel that you not only have to give  gifts to  your relatives and friends,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, but to everyone you see in the street.Gifts should be for children period. My four-year-old grandson has already placed his order, a fire truck, an ambulance,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, a garbage truck, a passenger plane, all with moving parts and sound and the list goes on.As he is writing his list I am thinking how far we have come, from when I had to settle for short pants and a gun and holster, for Xmas, and I was way older than him.I extend to all my readers a Happy Christmas, and a special greeting to following friends and families of Mara, Gregory, Claire, PS,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the Crabwood Creek gang, Adam, Danny, and Oscar and especially to Dooley, the tailor, of my first long pants. He is still alive, living in the same street. I understand that he does not imbibe anymore.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email; [emailprotected]

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Government has named consumer advocate, Leonard Craig, to chair the all important Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA).Craig is known for taking on telecommunication companies like GTT and Digicel,Cheap Jerseys Store, and has represented himself before the Public Utilities Commission.The announcement was made yesterday by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, while he was hosting Governments weekly post Cabinet briefings.GNBA is the regulatory body tasked with overseeing the operations of radio and televisions stations in Guyana. Established three years ago, the body was under immediate pressure after news came out that former President, Bharrat Jagdeo,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, before ending his two terms in office in 2011, approved several radio and cable television licences for mainly friends and his party members.In so doing, he sidelined applications from several prominent media houses including Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, Capitol News, HBTV Channel Nine and CNS Channel Six.Craig would replace Bibi Shadick, the former Chairperson, and Member of Parliament for Peoples Progressive Party/Civic while they were in Government.The new administration had committed to reviewing those radio licences and correct some of the loopholes in the countrys broadcasting laws.  Harmon also disclosed, yesterday,Cheap Jerseys, that the administration has nominated Amerindian activist, Jean La Rose, as Chairperson for the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL), the publisher of Guyana Chronicle. She has been described as an untiring advocate for indigenous rights and environmental integrity.She is currently Programme Administrator of the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA).La Rose is an indigenous Arawak who was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2002 for her struggles to halt mining in their territories, to secure inhabitants full rights to traditional lands,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and to save Guyanas forests.The state-owned newspaper has been racking up heavy losses in recent years. Then the coalition government accused past management of political bias.There have been sweeping changes at the Chronicle with former Editor-in-Chief of Guyana Times, Nigel Williams, as the new chief,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, in place of Mark Ramotar.President David Granger has demanded professionalism there. At the National Communications Network (NCN), the state-owned entity that manages a network of television and radio stations, insurance executive,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, Bishwa Panday is to head the Board of Directors. Panday was a member of the Chronicle Board of Directors and a long time cricketing executive. The naming of the new Chairpersons would follow sweeping changes also at several other state boards.

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Guyana is committed to sustainable development as it seeks to ensure that its resources remain for future generations.Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Mr. Indranauth Haralsingh made this bold assertion during an interview with Trinidadian Filming Crew from the Environmental Network, at the GTA Office in Sophia.The Filming Crew from a TV 6 programme,NFL Jerseys Store, ‘Showcase Environment’,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, is in Guyana to film a series of mini documentaries for its scheduled October- December 2013 programme.The team visited the office of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and spoke with the Director about the drive to promote Sustainable tourism in Guyana.Haralsingh maintained that the driving force behind the sustainable development of the country is imbedded in the country’s National Development Strategy, the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) as well as in the hearts of every Guyanese.Alluding to Guyana’s ongoing participation in the Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC) and the country’s previous awards,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, he pointed to the importance of the prestigious recognition as a leader in sustainable tourism development.Guyana, so far, has been the only country to host the STC twice. In addition, the country won three awards at the 2012 CTO Awards including the Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award.The GTA Director expressed the confidence that Guyana will once again emerge as top winners at STC 14 and will cart off awards for each of the five entries submitted.Haralsingh said,Cheap NFL Jerseys, “Our winners help us to achieve our vision and to highlight what we are committed to doing naturally.”The GTA Director took the opportunity to highlight that Guyana has many attributes and qualities that the destination is taking advantage of including being the Land of the Giants, Land of Many Waters and Land of Six Peoples.Fielding questions on the advantage of Guyana’s geographical positioning as “the right ear of South America and the lower lip of the Caribbean”, Haralsingh said that the dual identity works for Guyana.He alluded to the advantages of being a part of the Amazon Co-operation Treaty Organisation (ACTO) and contributing to the sustainable development of the Amazon region, particularly through the circuit Manual of the Amazon Tourism Trail.“The formulation of the manual resulted directly from the involvement of ACTO’s move to develop integrated tourism for the Amazon region, and focus on Guyana, Suriname and Brazil,NFL Jerseys Cheap,” he said.Haralsingh acquiesced to the fact that as a country, Guyana also shares the common culture of the Caribbean.Also present at the interview was Mr. Ganesh Singh, owner and Manager of Corentyne River Tours (Cortours) who explained that  the local company in Berbice, has established eco-tourist resorts at Orealla and Cow Falls up the Corentyne River to promote tourism in that area.According to Singh, travelling to the locations along the Corentyne River will allow the lucky few to experience the “peace and tranquility” of the tourism product there.‘Showcase Environment ‘The Environmental Network of Trinidad and Tobago (ENT) was registered and launched in 2011. It is a company committed to promoting eco-tourism and conservation of natural environments in and around Trinidad and Tobago.This is when the first season of television’s “Showcase Environment” was born; the 13th episode features segments on wildlife, interviews with communities on conservation and hiking and scuba diving.The show has been hailed as the “Local National Geographic” by a wide cross section of the viewers.According to its Manager and producer, Heather-Dawn Herrera,Cheap Jerseys From China, organizers of the show are currently in talks with companies in the United Kingdom and Canada to have the show broadcast there.

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A 65 year-old pedestrian heading to a birthday party was killed on Saturday after being struck by a car.The accident occurred on the Waller’s Delight Public Road just in front of the victim’s home.According to reports,Jerseys From China, Berti Baichu was pronounced dead on arrival at the West Demerara Regional Hospital at 20:30 hours on Saturday. The dead man’s brother Khrishna Baichu said that earlier in the night his sibling indicated that he was heading to a birthday party further up the West Coast of Demerara.Khrishna said while he was carrying out his duties at a gas station nearby he noticed his brother preparing to cross the road.“The next thing I hear is like somebody get knock down and when I raise up and look across the road I see a man lying on the road,Cheap Jerseys China,”The man said he and other persons who were in the gas station at the time rushed to aid the victim,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and it was then that he realized that the injured man was his brother.“I didn’t see anything all I hear was this loud crash and I see a man who turn out to be my brother lying on the road and the car stop a lil distance away…but it look like my brother de just cross the road to catch a bus.”The man added that with the assistance of another person he placed his brother in a car and took him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital,NFL Jerseys Supply, where he succumbed.According to Baichu,China Jerseys For Sale, his brother worked as a chicken farmer and lived alone at the time of his death since most of his children have migrated,Cristian Pavon Jersey, and his wife passed away several years ago. His relatives are maintaining that at the time of his death he was not under the influence of alcohol.The driver of the car has been detained.

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Kenroy Jones, 29, of 69 D’Anrade Street, Newtown Kitty appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, to answer to a charge instituted against him for aiding and abetting, couple Mahendra Ramsuchit and Robhina Basdeoram to traffic narcotics through the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).It is alleged that on January 30,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, last, Jones used an identification card, which identified him as Kenneth Joseph, together with a forged letter from a Government Minister to assist the couple in trafficking 21.360 kilos of cocaine through the VIP lounge of CJIA.Jones was said to have aided and abetted Rohbina Basdeoram, 29,China Jerseys Free Shipping, and her husband, Mahendra Ramsuchit, 25, of Rose Hall, East Canje Berbice, to slip past airport security undetected by using the VIP Lounge. The pair was later hauled from the aircraft and subjected to a search on the day in question.It was then that ranks of the Police Narcotics Branch unearthed 10.392 kilograms of cocaine stashed in Ramsuchit’s luggage. Another 10.968 kilograms of cocaine was reportedly found in his wife’s. The couple has been refused bail and was remanded to prison until their next court date February 13.Attorney-at-Law James Bond, who represented Jones, claims that the charge against him is bogus since his client is not Kenneth Jones,NFL Jerseys From China, and he has not been properly identified by the relevant persons (the two suspects), as the person who assisted them.Bond said that Jones was brought before an Immigration Officer who said that he was the culprit. In addition to that,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China, Bond explained that no one can prove that his client knew what was in the bags.He asked Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant if he could prove that Jones had the requisite mens rea (necessary thought to commit the criminal act), or that Jones had knowledge of the presence of any narcotics in the couples’ suitcases.The lawyer also said that the male defendant (Ramsuchit) admitted that the items in question belonged to him and not Jones.Bond said that his client turned himself into the authorities when he realised that he had been identified, and has since maintained his innocence. He submitted that Jones has no prior charges and requested that bail be set at a reasonable amount.The Prosecution, on the other hand, told a different tale. Inspector Grant told the court that a witness identified Jones as the man who presented the identification card bearing the name Kenneth Joseph, and the fact that he is not Kenneth Joseph,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, does not necessarily mean that he could not present a bogus identification card which identified him by that name.In addition to that, Inspector Grant explained that there is video footage from the airport that shows Jones to be the person who assisted the couple.Inspector Grant went on to propose that Jones knew exactly what was in the suitcases, and he took the couple to the airport and indeed produced a letter that allowed them to pass through the VIP lounge,Cheap NFL Jerseys, without being searched.The Prosecutor concluded by saying that he has witnesses that can confirm his statements.Inspector Grant requested that bail be denied since Jones has a pending charge for forgery of the documents which he allegedly presented to the airport authority.The Chief Magistrate refused to grant Jones bail, and explained that this matter will be heard together with the case involving the accused couple on February 13.

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 husband claims suicide, relatives suspect murder Fourteen turbulent years of marriage ended tragically with the mysterious death of 30-year old Bridgette Gangandeen, whose mangled body was discovered outside the Vigilance Police Station compound early yesterday morning.Gangadeen of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, appeared to have been crushed by the rear wheel of a Canter truck that was being driven by her husband, Dwarka Gangadeen, who is presently in police custody.Police in a press release said that they are investigating a suspected murder but from reports given by the dead woman’s husband, she was crushed to death after jumping from the moving truck.However, some of the woman’s relatives have added some mystery to the tragedy by claiming that the woman was murdered and her body dumped in front of the station.The fact that Dwarka Gangadeen called Dave, a popular grasstrack motorcyclist,China Jerseys For Sale, fled the scene and had to be hunted down by the police added to the mystery.Detectives at the scene where the body was foundKaieteur News understands that the couple had attended a nightspot in Enmore on Saturday night.While there, Dwarka Gangadeen received a call on his cellular phone.This aroused his wife’s suspicions and the couple began to argue.They eventually left for home where they continued their argument.It is alleged that at around 02:00 hours, Dwarka Gangadeen received a call from a friend to take part in an early morning fishing expedition in Enterprise,Soccer Jerseys China, a few miles away.As he was about to leave the house with his Canter truck, his wife reportedly tried to prevent him, thinking that he was going to meet another woman.When her protests failed, she joined the truck leaving their two sons alone at home.Despite his wife’s presence in the vehicle, Dwarka Gangadeen allegedly proceeded towards Enterprise all the while arguing with his wife.He told investigators that during the journey, his wife constantly threatened to jump from the moving truck.As they approached the Vigilance Police Station the woman reportedly made good of her threat and after opening the passenger side door of the truck’s cabin, she jumped from the moving vehicle.Her husband told detectives that he felt the rear wheel of his truck run over the woman’s body.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he claimed that he panicked and drove away from the scene, leaving his wife clinging to life.Ranks at the Vigilance Police Station were at first unaware that the woman’s body was lying outside the compound.One female rank told Kaieteur News that she saw Gangadeen’s truck driving past and wondered where he was heading at that hour of the morning.It was not until some other commuters went into the station and informed the ranks that a woman’s body was lying outside that they went into action.Dwarka Gangandeen said that after the incident he went back home and parked his Canter truck and then headed to Enterprise, where he hid until he was located by the police.When asked why he did not render any assistance to his wife who was obviously badly injured,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, he claimed that he panicked and went to his friends in enterprise and tried to get them to go to the scene.“I feel when I run over she but I panicked and call some friends fuh go and carry she to the hospital,” he told investigators.But relatives of the dead woman are certain that she was the victim of foul play.According to the dead woman’s mother,Wholesale Jerseys, Punerbattie Bharat, the couple had a tumultuous relationship, involving several fights and temporary separation.Bharrat told Kaieteur News that Gangadeen had threatened to kill his wife on several occasions, even threatening to harm other family members.“Since dem married dem nah live good. Everytime she go away,Discount NFL Jerseys, she ah come back. She go Suriname and he ah go till ah Suriname fuh bring she back,” Bharat said.The woman said that when she received a call from the police station yesterday she immediately sensed that something was wrong with her daughter.“Me been and look she yesterday and she been on the bed, she nah feel good because she and she husband had some problems. She been go away fuh couple a days and the husband de beg me fuh she come back,” Bharat said.But she was not prepared for the sight of her daughter lying on the roadway under a blood stained sheet.“I know is he kill she. He always say he go kill she and me and me other daughter,” Bharat told this newspaper.She related that last week her daughter suffered a beating at the hands of her husband and a woman who has a child for him.But detectives appear to be inclined to believe the husband’s story after retrieving hair samples from the left side rear wheel of his truck and not finding any evidence of blood in the cabin.They are also focusing on the fact that there was a huge pool of blood where the dead woman’s body lay, which almost convinced them that the woman died at that spot.The police have indicated that they are awaiting the post mortem examination of Gangadeen’s body before seeking the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution.

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Four new locally themed postage stamps were yesterday unveiled at the Hand-in-Hand Mutual Insurance Company in observance of the company’s 150 year anniversary.The commemorative stamps.Present at the ceremony were Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure,Cheap Jerseys USA, Annette Ferguson,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, and representatives from several other Insurance companies.The recently unveiled stamps of $80 and $150 denominations are now available at select offices countrywide.Minister Ferguson said that the stamps are a symbol of Guyana’s postal services’ laudable commitment to the development of the postal sector. They represent a Private Public Partnership financial structure for the Guyana Post office.“The Guyana Post Office Corporation is pleased to be of service to the people and as we seek to build the public sector into a public private partnership,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, which will help to achieve policy goals and develop infrastructure while shifting short term financial burdens away from tax payers and strained government coffers,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic,” related Ferguson.Commemorative stamps are the perfect memorabilia to celebrate an anniversary or significant event. Such stamps are circulated both locally and internationally to a wide cross-section of people. Stamps also attract the interest of Philatelists who purchase,NHL Jerseys Authentic, sell and store them as valuable collectables.

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Nadira Ramsarran, 36, got her morning prayers answered yesterday when she picked the right key that started the engine to the Ashmins $2.5 M Toyota RunX car that represented the first prize in the competition.The mother of two was among 20 whose names were pulled to conclude the two-month long competition two Saturdays ago.My first car: Housewife Nadira RamsarranYesterday,NFL Jerseys Cheap, 19 of those persons were on hand for the ‘Win this car’ game show staged in the compound of Ashmins and while they all won various prizes the Stanleytown,cheap jerseys, New Amsterdam lady was the most fortunate.She was among a final five who selected envelopes with car keys. Using a musical chairs format they each had a chance to stick their key in the ignition when show host and Public Relations Officer, Mondale Smith, stopped the music.Ramsarran could not run around the car like the other competitors because she is recovering from a fractured leg so she ended up being the last to put her key in the ignition with much support from the audience.Her wait and suspense was great. She had the option of trading her key for another but she held fast to the key she had in hand.After announcing that she was nervous, with trembling hands she placed the key in the ignition and at first the car did not start but when she was further prompted to turn the key the car’s lights came on and the engine burst into life amidst thunderous applauses from the audience.She burst into tears and proclaimed that this was her first win of anything in a competition.The Splashmins ‘Win this Car’ promotion began in November and was specifically geared for retail shoppers who spent $3,Jerseys From China,000 or more during the festive season.  Over all, more than 25,Jerseys NFL China,000 coupons were entered.Closing off the promotion, Ashmins Chief Executive Officer,Cheap Jerseys, Lennox John,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, promised that even more promotions are in train including a ‘Win this house’ promotion’ in the future.All participants were issued free Gold membership to Splashmins Fun-Park Resort valid for the entire 2010 and valued at $50,000 each.Ashmins also made history by launching its first Mash shop as part of its contribution to Guyana’s 40th Republic anniversary celebrations. The show is headed by designer Derek Moore.

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